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6 Beneficial Reasons Why You Should Always Sleep Naked

Like you even need one.
6 Beneficial Reasons Why You Should Always Sleep Naked

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With today’s busy schedule we hardly have enough time in the day to get all our tasks done, let alone sleep. However, through chemistry, as studied by Dr. Natasha Turner, author of, The Hormone Diet, we are able to see a correlation between sleep and sleeping better naked.

Here are some legit reasons why ditching pajamas will improve your sleep:

1. Burns Fat.

Since sleeping naked aids in cooling the body; your body will be more likely to control cortisol and keep hunger levels down.

2. Keeps you young.

Photo cred - easymomentsandobsession

Being overly hot can disrupt your growth hormone production and these hormones are responsible for your anti-aging properties.

3. Freedom.

Not actually but, if you free up your private areas, armpits, and feet – you will prevent potential infections. It allows the body to circulate oxygen and keep areas dry.

4. Better sleep.

It will keep the body’s natural tenancy of progressively declining in temperature regular. What happens is that the body is working extra to cool down the body’s organs if you are too hot.

5. Confidence

Be fierce.

6. Better Sex Life.

It increases a hormone called oxytocin which therefore means increased mood for sex which therefore means encourages orgasms which therefore means you welcome.

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