6 Reasons Why You've Been Feeling Like Sh!t This Week In Montreal

Montreal is so hot right now. Literally.
6 Reasons Why You've Been Feeling Like Sh!t This Week In Montreal

I've been feeling exceptionally tired and uninspired this week. Usually, I have no problem waking up early and being productive at work. This week, however, I'm like a zombie. I just can't think straight. Turns out my friends and colleagues are feeling the same. Even Jeremy Hazan's dog is tired. Usually his pup is jumping around and playing with everyone at the office. So I did some research and found an explanation to all of this nonsense. There are actually a bunch of reasons why we've all been feeling shitty this week.

1. Body temperature changes

Apparently, rapid body temperature changes can create the feeling of anxiety. As you may know, it's extremely hot in Montreal this week. The moment you step inside an air conditioned environment, your body temperature gets affected. As a result, the feeling of anxiety kicks in - what a bummer.

2. Humidity levels

It's also extremely humid in Montreal right now. Humidity is not our friend. It makes our bodies react in weird ways. Our joints ache in humid weather. We might even experience respiratory problems as well as headaches. Yuck.

3. Air conditioners

Did you know that air conditioners are actually bad for you? Research shows that people who work or live in over air-conditioned environments are more prone to illnesses, fatigue and chronic headaches.

5. Weather changes

When weather changes quickly (and we know how bipolar Montreal weather is) - our body reacts right away. Joint pain, eczema, allergies and even heart attacks are very common during crazy temperature shifts. Remember when it was starting to get chilly at night and now it's super hot again? Yeah, our bodies can't handle all these ups and downs.

6. Brutal heat

Extreme heat can also be very damaging to our bodies. Have you heard of heat exhaustion? It can cause things like dizziness, headache and fainting. I'm not complaining that's it's too hot outside, though. I'll take a heat wave over an ice storm any day.