6 Restaurants In Quebec Offering Essential Service Workers Discounts Right Now

In order for them to get through this difficult time more easily!
6 Restaurants In Quebec Offering Essential Service Workers Discounts Right Now

As a "thank you" to all the employees who are currently working hard to provide impeccable service to the community, several restaurants are offering free things or discounts to essential service workers in Quebec. It's extremely nice to see how their hard work is greatly recognized and appreciated, which it deserves to be.

From natural energy drinks to free coffee, tea and meals, these few options are likely to make life easier for many employees who are short on energy and time in this time of crisis, which is far from obvious, especially for them.

Essential service workers include the Red Cross, health services, all professions in the health and social services network, correctional services officers, police officers and firefighters, and others.

You can find an official list of essential services that was released by the Government of Quebec on March 23 here.

If you work in any of these essential fields, we here at MTL Blog thank you for all that you are doing for us.

You can find the list of restaurants offering discounts for front line workers below.

Tim Hortons

To support health care workers, first responders and city employees, Tim Hortons took the initiative to truck around and distribute free coffee to these people during the crisis period.

Link to the offer

Mate Libre

In order to highlight the exceptional work of essential services in this time of crisis, Mate Libre offers natural energy drinks to get through the long working hours currently imposed.

Link to the offer


As a thank you to essential service workers, McDonald's also offers small and medium-sized coffees and teas free of charge with employee cards during the crisis period.

It's the perfect way to recharge the batteries and put a smile on the faces of these hard-working people!



In this time of broken normality, it is difficult for employees in the health care system to find time to cook themselves a good meal.

Nevertheless, WeCook will be distributing four weeks of free meals to 300 employees and it's well worth it.

Link to the offer

Couche Tard

To show its gratitude, Couche Tard has decided to distribute free coffee and tea to all essential service workers. All they will have to do is show their employee card on the spot to take advantage of the free coffee and tea while the crisis lasts.

Link to the offer


Harvey's Restaurants are now offering 50% off to all frontline workers and their families, until Friday, March 27.

When going through the drive-thru, one will simply just have to show their employee card to prove their essential work status, and then they will receive a full 50% off on their entire Harvey's meal.

Link to the offer

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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