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6 Secluded Tanning Spots In Montreal You Need To Discover This Summer

We can finally feel the warmth in Montreal! The sun is shining down on us and every time it says it going to rain all day it magically doesn't. Although that can be kind of hard to prepare for, it's still an amazing feeling to enjoy sunny days for once. 

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Since the sun is finally popping out from behind the rain clouds we need to take this opportunity and make the most of it. Did you have a goal this summer to actually get tan? I swear I say that I'm going to get tan every summer and it never happens. 

Maybe that's because I haven't found any good spots in the city where I can tan without being disturbed by hoards of people or loud noises. This list is made up of some of the best, most secluded tanning spots you can find in the city. And yes, you'll find fellow tanners at some of them, but when you live in a big city what can you expect? 

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Beaver Lake 

via @gigiarmario

Location: On top of Mont-Royal

Cost of Entry: Free!

Food Nearby:

  • Cafe des Amis located in Beaver Lake Pavillion and Smith House offer full meals, sandwiches, salads, desserts and beverages

  • Lola Rosa Cafe on Parc offers vegan and vegetarian meals

  • Le Panthere Verte on Mackay St offers vegan and vegetarian meals

  • Depanneur Beau Soir located on Saint Catherine offers snacks and beverages 24 hours

Feel secluded on top of Mont-Royal and tan by the lake. Grab some snacks at the Dep or a meal at one of the restaurants close by before you get there, or grab some sandwiches and desserts on top of the mountain while you're there. Spend a whole day tanning here because you have everything you need!

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Club LaCité

via @nedakt

Location: 3575 Park Ave

Cost Of Entry: $25/month

Food Nearby:

  • Restaurant on site!

Club LaCite is a private that offers gym facilities, a rooftop pool, and two indoor pools all for a $25/month membership. This may be a little over your budget for a tanning spot but with all these amazing amenities and exclusive facilities, you may want to consider this summer when the weather starts heating up!

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Clock Tower Beach

via @explorecanada

Location: Quai de l'Horloge St

Cost Of Entry: $2

Food Nearby:

Clock Tower Beach is located in Montreal's Old Port and is the perfect place to tan this summer. With so many awesome restaurants and food trucks around, you'll have so many food options. You can also bring your own drinks to the beach so don't worry about having to buy any expensive cocktails either!

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Hotel Bonaventure 

via @aggie_armstrong

Location: 900 Rue de la Gauchetière O

Cost Of Entry: room rental price ($25/4 people)

Food Nearby:

  • Le Bisco Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Restaurant Bar Le Kube

This beautiful rooftop pool also has a pond and a lush garden. The only catch with this place is that you have to be renting a room at the hotel to use their pool. But if you're willing to splurge for a day of relaxation, rent a room with 3 of your best friends and you'll have full access to the most secluded spot in the city!

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Jean Dore Beach

via @laurafayaud

Location: Parc Jean Drapeau

Cost Of Entry: $9 before 4pm, $5.50 after 4 pm

Food Nearby:

  • Chalet de la Plage offers sandwiches, wraps, salads, and frozen desserts

  • Terrasse de la Plage offers beer, margaritas, and cocktails

  • Roulotte Lafleur food truck offers hot dogs, hamburgers, poutine and fries

  • Terrasse 67 offers beer, hamburgers, sandwiches, frozen desserts, and more

Located on Montreal's Parc Jean Drapeau, this secluded beach is perfect for a tanning day with your friends. There's tons of food nearby and it's a cheap price for what you're getting. Enjoy beach volleyball, rent a paddleboard or canoes or kayaks for fun water sports!

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Sir-Wilfred Laurier Pool 

via @theclarebitchproject

Location: 5200 Brebeuf St

Cost Of Entry: $5

Food Nearby:

  • Le Chien Fumant offers amazing brunch food, coffee, cocktails, and lunch menus

  • El Zaziummm Restaurant offers Californian-style Mexican food

  • Stella Pizzaria for comfort food

  • Le Toasteur Eatery for casual eats

  • Depanneurs close by for snacks

This refreshing pool is perfect for tanning this summer. The surrounding park is also a good option if you can find a cozy spot in the sun! Bring your friends, some snacks and you're all set. There's also tons of good restaurants surrounding this park so you'll have all the options for when you need a food break.

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