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6 Sex Classes You Can Attend In Montreal

#5 Introduction To The Butt.
6 Sex Classes You Can Attend In Montreal

Today in the office we had the movie Old School playing in the background. And then we got to the part when Andy Dick starts teaching the wives how to give a proper blowjob. That's when the discussion started: "Do they actually have these in Montreal?"

As it turns out, they do and they're teaching you a lot more than just blowjobs. So here are some of the sex classes we found that you can attend in Montreal:

1. Blowjob Class

The art of pleasuring your man. They brag about being "hands on" and they claim to know the secrets to spice things up. But after reading this we realized they're just going to suggest you stick a finger in his butt.

"And no, it’s not just in the penis! With better understanding of his anatomy, you will find areas he’s never been touched before."

2. Stripping Class

The art of stripping and burlesque will help you create your own sexy routine to surprise your lover. And for those who are too bashful, remember, these classes involve no nudity whatsoever.

3. Sex Toys 101

For those who don't feel like walking into a sex shop to buy their sex toys from a stranger. The sex toys 101 course will introduce you to all the latest "gadgets" available. They're also kind enough to teach how to use your new toys.

4. Cunnilingus Class

This one is the art of pleasing your Woman. Because why should men have all the fun. Though unlike the blowjob class which is a staple of bachelorette parties, I can't imagine any bachelor party that would involve this kind of activity.

5. Introduction to the butt

Okay it's actually called Into To Anal Play but I'm very immature and intro to the butt sounded funnier to me. They won't just teach you how to do it. They'll also teach you how to introduce the topic to your partner.

6. 50 Shades of Seduction

This is a more advanced class for those looking to get into kinkier things including BDSM. If you don't know what BDSM is, then take this class. I'm sure they'll discuss the definition thoroughly.

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