6 Spots In Montreal You Need To Go To If You're Craving Perogies

Tasty morsels of happiness.
6 Spots In Montreal You Need To Go To If You're Craving Perogies

I'll be honest with you guys - it took me a very, very long time to finally try a perogie.

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Why? I don't know. For a long while, it was legit one of the only popular dishes in the city I'd never tried... But then I did try one, and friends, I was blown. TF. Away.

They're basically the ultimate comfort foods, and although there are tons of places to get outstanding perogies in Montreal, a handful stand out among the rest.

Euro-Deli Batory

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115 Rue Saint Viateur O

Honestly, guys, if you want to try a delicious, fresh, and authentic perogie, you can't go wrong with this Mile End spot. But don't let theit awesome perogies stop you from exploring the rest of the menu, which is full of tasty and fresh Polish treats.


Stash Cafe

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200 Saint-Paul St W

Looking for fresh and authentic Polish perogies? Look no further than this Old Montreal Polish restaurant. Serving up perogies filled to the brim with delicious and fresh ingredients, anyone who loves food in general absolutely has to give this spot a visit, ASAP.


Patisserie Wawel

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7070 Henri Julien Ave

If you're looking for the perfect combination of fresh and tasty perogies, and a huge selection of fresh and tasty perogies, then stop the search. Wawel makes some of the most delicious dumplings in the whole city, plus they've got tons to choose from, too boot.



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1256 Ave. Dollard

What's better than delicious, melty, fresh, flavourful, savoury perogies? Absolutely nothing, guys. Thankfully, you can find everything good in the world (AKA delicious, melty, fresh, flavourful, savoury perogies) at this Lasalle Polish spot.



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7070 Henri Julien Ave

Located in Montreal's Marche Jean-Talon, this spot serves up some of the tastiest Polish sausages in the whole city. And although their sausages are incredibly legit, their perogies? Quite possibly even better than their sausages.


Felix Mish

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1903 Jolicoeur

Les Aliments Felix Mish, situated in the Sud-Ouest, is pretty much a paradise for everyone who loves Polish food. They've got smoked sausages for days, and of course, deliciously flavourful perogies.


Bonus: Chez Boris

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5151 Park Ave

Sadly, this Mile End institution closed its doors earlier this year. But it still deserves a spot on this list, because TBH, their homemade perogies were what legit legends are made of. RIP, Chez Boris, your delicious perogies, beignewiches, and donuts will never, ever be forgotten.