6 Spots In Quebec Where You Can Try Indigenous Food

A cuisine close to home but not well-known to most.
6 Spots In Quebec Where You Can Try Indigenous Food

Canada's culture is pretty bizarre in a lot of ways, mainly because of how non-homogenous it is. I'm sure that you, like me, have often been asked "What is Canadian TV like?" "What is Canadian food like?" "What is Canadian music?" and been at a loss for an answer.

The reason for that is that there is no straight answer: in Quebec, we like poutine, in Alberta, it's all about beef, and the Maritimes eat plenty of fish and seafood. Of course, there's also Indigenous food, food that's been around for much longer than all other traditions in Canada.

In an effort to preserve Indigenous culture and reclaim food sovereignty, many activists have, in recent years, focused on learning more about Indigenous foods. Now, more Indigenous restaurants are slowly popping up all over the country.

Below are listed 6 spots and services in Quebec that serve First Nations food!

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TL;DR These 6 Quebec spots, services, and events that serve up authentic Indigenous food.

La Traite

This restaurant is located in Quebec city on Wendake land. La Traite is just one of a collection of restaurants on the site that serves Indigenous cuisine. The dishes at La Traite are inspired by the harvest seasons, serving up beets, lamb, and Tataki.

Check them out here!

Roundhouse Café

The Roundhouse Cafe is Montreal's only Indigenous café. Its "main purpose is to promote social diversity and the empowerment of Indigenous peoples." They only hire Indigenous people who have been out of work or homeless. The café is open from May through October in Cabot Square, near the Atwater metro. They serve traditional fare like bannocks, a variety of flat quick bread.

Check it out here!


Sagamité, owned by Steeve Wadohandik et Niva, has been around for almost 20 years. The name comes from a traditional Wendake soup, made from squash, corn, beans and game meats. The restaurant is in Quebec city, on the Wendake reserve.

Check them out here!

Seventh Fire Hospitality Group

Ok, so this one may not technically be a restaurant: in fact, it's a catering company owned by chef Rich Francis, of the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve. He focuses on achieving food sovereignty through cooking, focusing on the three staples of Indigenous cooking: corn, squash, and beans.

Francis participates in food events across Canada.

The website is currently undergoing maintenance for an indeterminable period of time but interested parties can contact richfranciscuisine@gmail.com. You may also check out Francis' Instagram page here.


Located on Wendake territory, this restaurant serves up traditional indigenous fare, like meat and smoked fish platters, and seasonal soups. They're open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you have no excuse to not go at some point during the day.

Check them out here!

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Montreal's First People's Festival

Montreal's First People's Festival is an annual event that will be back this August 6 to August 14. It celebrates all aspects of Indigenous culture, from film to song to food. Last year, they hosted events from film screenings to dance events, and served "Indigenous street food."

Check out last year's event here!

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