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6 Styles To Wear At Osheaga 2014

How to dress to impress at Osheaga.
6 Styles To Wear At Osheaga 2014

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Osheaga is a weekend full of awesome music, beautiful people, and tons of selfies, so your outfit should mean business. Festival fashion business! Remember that you want to look great but your outfit needs to last a long day of dancing, running (from stage to stage), extreme weather/temperatures, and bathroom/food line waiting. You better plan accordingly and Montreal's The Run-In has done all the planning for you!

Click here for the 6 Styles To Wear At Osheaga 2014 >

The Team Captain

  • Where sporty meets chic. Jerseys, sneakers, mesh fabric
  • Rock your favourite number and stay comfortable in loose/breathable clothing

 The 90s Revival

  • Halter tops, chokers, gelly platform shoes, face jewels, bucket hats, overalls.
  • We’ve already lived through this fashion era, you know the drill.

 The Grunge Rave

  • When the rave kids come out during the day. Better get the mirrored sunnies on to shield those night owl eyes.
  • Think neon colours, psychedelic prints, and translucent or plastic materials.

 The Print on Print on Print

  • Mix and match prints, head to toe print. the more print, the better.
  • Anything goes in this combination of colours and graphics!

 The Boho /BroHo

  • There’s a little bohemian love child inside all of us. Let your hair loose and sway to your favourite songs in sheer lace, fringe, arm cuffs and bandanas.
  • I hope I find you in the crowd, top knot man. <3

 The Beach Bums

  • On the hottest Osheaga days, you want to dress for a day at the beach. They have sand (gravel) at Jean Drapeau, right?
  • Ladies - you can wear bikinis as tops.
  • Guys - swim trunks repel the water hose rush from the front row performances.

For more things fashion and awesome make sure to follow Montreal's The Run-In on facebook.

What will you be wearing to Osheaga this year?

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