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Montreal Is Hosting A New EDM Festival At Palais Des Congres

Don't miss out on this year's edition of Rep Your Flag Festival.
Montreal Is Hosting A New EDM Festival At Palais Des Congres

Rep Your Flag Festival will be taking place on March 21 in Montreal. The much awaited EDM event consists of representing your country to the fullest throughout the entire night with fellow students and EDM fans! Bring your country's flag, dress up, and paint your face with your nation's colours.

Organized by Interstude, a travel agency and event planning organization that focuses on international students in the city, Montreal is blessed to be the first taste this massive festival. Rep Your Flag Festival 2015 will then continue its global conquest with stops in Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Mexico and Paris.

1. Rep Your Flag Festival Will Be Held In Bal En Blanc's Former Venue

The Palais Des Congrès will host Rep Your Flag Festival this year. Interstude booked the perfect spot with enough room to ensure that thousands of international students and party monsters will have the best possible time.

2. 5,000 Expected Attendees

The 2014 editions of Rep Your Flag Festival sold out New City Gas, and 4,400 students showed up on 2 days to party for the one at Espace Griffintown and Piknic Electronic. Palais Des Congrès will be able to accommodate even more party animals so that every single ticket holder will get in. Prepare for absolute madness Montreal.

3. More Than 20 Student Associations Come Together To Collaborate On The Rep Your Flag Festival

To regroup thousands of students in the festival, 20 school associations from all over Quebec have collaborated to bring together the "crème de la crème" of festival experiences this March 2015. Associations from Concordia, HEC, UDeM, McGill and many more support this initiative to make shine Montreal internationally.

4. Dubvision, Domeno and Mike Robia

International DJ duo Dubvision will be this year's headliner. With over 250,000 fans on Facebook, Dubvision has proved itself as being a major artist in the EDM scene over the years. Supporting the international DJs, Domeno and Mike Robia which are from Montreal will be the festival's special guest! You'll also get a chance to see Domeno at Villa Paradizo this summer.

5. Video Mapping On A Huge Stage (72 Feet Width).

Visuals and designs are a major part of what makes a festival experience what it is. The Rep Your Flag Festival curators have prepared a 72 feet wide stage with video mapping, visuals, designs and much more for your enjoyment. Be stoked!

6. Best Dress Code Ever

The Rep Your Flag Festival's name makes the dress code pretty clear! Come to this insane event with your country's flag, paint up your body, and rock your nation's colours hard! It's a great chance rep your origins and party with your compatriots at the same time.

Will you be hitting up Rep Your Flag Festival 2015?

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