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6 Ways To Maximize Your Osheaga Experience

We can't we may as well start getting ready.
6 Ways To Maximize Your Osheaga Experience

Montreal has a killer music scene, but few events can hold a candle to the three day music orgy that is Osheaga. Festivals have a unique appeal because they feature two things other music venues can't match: a ridiculous array of talent, and a crowd experience like no other.

Getting ready to participate in a festival means getting ready to join in on a giant wave of humanity. Here are a few things Montrealers and visitors alike should do to get hyped and get the most out of the Osheaga experience.

1. Do Your Homework

Figure out which stages you want to hit and when. Do your homework on up and comers. Use the artist lineup to find something new you love, and get ready to sing along.

2. Check The Weather

Montreal parties hard. We do it day or night, rain or shine, so it's always best to be prepared. Will you need a waterproof bag for $ and ID? If it's raining, most definitely. Do you want to be rocking peeling skin by the end of the weekend? Then pack that sunscreen.

3. Get In A Sharing Mood

Outdoor festivals are a shared experience, and sometimes that means things will get passed around, so be prepared to partake. Festivals are a party, so be friendly. People are going to be in your personal space, so you might as well make the best of it.

4. Dress For The Occasion

No, we don't just mean you should try to look fly - get functional. Don't carry anything that can be lost in loose pockets. On most days a festival goer is going to need to buy something (cough,WATER,cough). Make sure your money is stashed securely, and perhaps consider a travel money belt for a little peace of mind.

5. Get The Gang Together

The buddy system works. You'll have more fun and it's like an extra security blanket. Get friends, make friends, and then together see #3.

6. Prepare To Put Away Your Phone

A festival means it's time to be in the now and disconnect. Social media is great, but no amount of blurred selfies or shaky videos is going to help you really experience what's in front of you. Be present.

Hit us up with your favourite pre-Osheaga music finds and let us know how you plan on getting ready for this summer's premiere event.

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