6 Ways To Spot A Drunk Concordia Student This Weekend

Photo Cred - Andrew Bretansky

Montreal is a student city, so there is no surprise that the kids here know how to party. Concordia goers are one of the most fun people to party with. They know where the good parties are and have generally easy going demeanors. So if you happen to be out this weekend and stumble upon one of these drunken goldmines, don’t be surprised if you notice one or two of these things happen.

They’ll make plans with you

Even if you just met this Concordian, or have known them for years, they will almost always (without fail) ask you to go for coffee “sometime this week”, probably at Cafe Myriad for conveniency. They are famously friendly, but also notoriously flaky, so only about 10% of the time these plans actually go through. But they will still ask you regardless.

They go where the Beyoncé is

If you are a Concordia student then you know the name Beyoncé is sacred. Even if you don't particularly like her, you should know not to mess with her die hard Concordia fans. So if one of them hears Bey playing, they will find the place that is playing her and proceed to dance their booties off. Even if it's right in the middle of Pizza Bella at Guy-Concordia Metro. If you fail to find them this weekend, rest assured they will be seen at Korova's on Monday for Beyonce night.

They spend more time smoking outside than they do in the club

If you walk past any Concordia building, most particularly H and LB, not the John Molson Building (they're too cool to smoke), you see a huge clump of students standing outside, smoking and chatting up a storm. This fact doesn't change when they go out. They'll pay 10 bucks to get into a club and spend most of the night outside chain smoking. That's just how they roll.

Photo Cred - Maya

They will never spend the night in one place

Concordia is filled with 46,000 students, meaning most of them have a lot of friends and a million places to go to in one night. So to accommodate, they never really spend more than two hours at any given location. As soon as somewhere gets stale, then it is on to the next place.

They cab everywhere

To move from location to location so quickly, Concordia students take cabs. From party to party, bar to bar, but most likely, back to Grey Nuns.

Photo Creds - Marko

The night will always end with mountains of food

Finally, if you are out with a Concordia kid, then you will end the night inevitably stuffing your face. It’s as if they haven’t eaten in years. Unless they have cleared out Dany's of all their spinach and parmesan pizza, then the night will be considered a bust. Be sure to catch them the next morning for brunch at Moe's.

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