67 Ways To Describe Montreal Perfectly

One city many wise words.
67 Ways To Describe Montreal Perfectly

Photo cred - Bianca DesJardins

No one can deny that Montreal summers are the best, we get to bond with our city at its full potential. With our favorite season ending and feelings still fresh, we asked you to describe "Your City In One Word". Although we're aware that it's impossible to narrow it all down to one single word, we thought it would be a fun and interesting challenge. Who better to do this than the people experiencing it?!

You might have recently seen us at Piknic Électronik with Jamie XX, on Mont-Royal Avenue during the sidewalk festival or at Université de Montreal during their 4 to 7 Pub with a big wooden board filled with words. We got answers from a diversity of people; tourists, students, people who have lived here their whole lives and people who have just moved in.  With no particular order, here are 67 the most recurring and creative words you guys came up with:

1. Fun

The most recurring word and most undeniable one.

2. Happiness

Fun fact: Statistics Canada states that 92.2% of Montreal residents report being happy with their lives which is higher than the Canadian average.

3. Multicultural

Don't we all have at least 1 friend from every continent of the world? (well, maybe not Antarctica)

4. Tickets!

We've all been fined by this fine city - you don't even need a car. Shout out to all our fellow parking violators though, this should have been #53.

5. Taxes

Also known as, the tip calculator on the bill.

6. Franglais

Très très true.

7. Traffic

You can't escape it. According to Living In Canada, there are 1,8 cars for every resident in Montreal. Check out this Montrealer ragging out in traffic.

8. Cônes

Orange is the new road. Probably the one of the main reasons why there's always traffic, the roads are always under endless construction.

9. Energetic

Always something to do on any day and at any time, Montreal is definitely full of energy.

10. Weed

4:20PM on 4/20 at Tams Tams is like thanksgiving here.

11. Horny

Wonder if Tinder has the most downloads in Montreal...

12. Green

Assuming this meant environmental friendly and not slang for weed, here's another fun fact: Montreal ranks #13 on Top 50 cities: Eco-City ranking.

13. Hipster

Blame it on all the cool little coffee shops and Value Village.

14. Poutine

Our trade mark and favorite dish.

15. Opportunity

The diversity and ambition in this city makes it possible to try/do just about anything you wish.

16. Music

The diversity of music taste is inspiring in this city. Not to mention the growing music scene with talents like Arcade Fire, Kaytranada, Grimes, Pomo and A-trak from here.

17. Beautiful

Inside and out.

18. YOLO

This word came up quite a few times. We're not sure how we feel about it but we put it anyway... cause #YOLO.

19. Party

Indeed, we truly do know how to enjoy ourselves here.

20. Studies

With 6 universities, Montreal has the highest proportion of post-secondary students of all major cities in North America. Roughly 248,000 post-secondary students which is one of the largest numbers in the entire world!

21. Excessive

Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.

22. Food

Name it and we got it. Food trucks, fast foods, gourmet, fine dinning, experimental cuisine, fusions, cuisines from all around the world, deserts, etc.

23.  Bipolar

From extremely warm to extremely cold in a day. We still love you the way just the way you are... both personalities.

24. Unforgettable

Agreed, it's a very memorable city.

25. Playground

Noun - "a place where a particular group of people choose to enjoy themselves."


Indeed, Montreal wouldn't be the same without Piknic Électronik! (And....actual picnics at La Fontaine Parc or on Mount Royal)

27. Extraordinary

This word speaks for itself.

28. Love

A lot of intense feelings going on.

29. Malade!

The fact that everyone who wrote this put an exclamation point is priceless. MA-LA-DE!|

30. Alive

This came up a lot of times but we still think that Celine Dion said it best.

31. Everything

"On trouve de tout, même un ami! "

32. Freedom

You're free to do what you want to do.... just don't break any laws.

34. Timeless

Never gets old.

35. Dynamic

Constant change, activity, and progress indeed!

36. Welcoming


37. Hangover

Don't we all know.

38. Small

"Oh my God, small world!" No... it's just a very small city.

39. Laid-back

Easygoing and relaxed, no doubt!

40. Bagels

...with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers. For sure!

41. Safe

Okay, we'll take it!

42. Hockey

Montreal Canadien's Stanley Cup play-off run. Enough said.

43. Trendy

Very fashionable indeed.

44. Awesome

Speaks for itself!

45. Festivals

There are a variety of festivals going on year round for everyone and anyone!

46. Nocturne

Who said New York was the only city that never sleeps?

47. Magnificent

Pretty sure that U2 wrote that song about Montreal.

48. Cold

Let's not think of this right now.

49. Fast

Except when in traffic.

50. Diversity


51. Chilleux

True, every Montrealer needs that dose of "chilling" at least once a week.

52. Charismatic

Agreed, that compelling charm is why you can easily fall in love with this city!

53. Friends

In Montreal, you'll never feel left out or alone.

54. Active

This city is always moving indeed!

55. Vibrant

Pretty much speaks for itself.

56. Crazy

This could be could good or bad...we say a bit of both!

57. Creative

Yup, this word 100% represents Montreal.

58. Home

Home is where the heart is!

59. Surprise

Expect the unexpected.

60. Parcs

Best place to spend a day off.

61. Nouveauté

Always something new.

62. Eclectic

It's true that Montreal is a melting pot of inspirations from all over the world.

63. Art

A creative bunch for sure. A city that thrives on art, culture, and history.

64. Affordable

Twice as affordable than in other international cities in North America and Europe in terms of housing, health care, and education.

65. Discovery

Yup, the city should have it's own show on The Discovery Channel.

66. Beards

Manly men up in here.

67. Potholes

Our speciality, we have all shapes and sizes!

How would you describe your city in one word?

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