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68 New Things To Look Forward To In Montreal For 2017

A huge year for the city's 375th birthday.
68 New Things To Look Forward To In Montreal For 2017

As you probably know by now, Montreal is planning a massive city-wide festival to celebrate its 375th anniversary.

This series of special events is projected to be the biggest thing since Expo 67, and the Montreal is going all out to to celebrate. In fact, 100 million dollars has already been put aside to fund the various projects beginning December 21, 2017 and lasting for a full 375 days!

Here are 68 special projects the city already has planned.

The 4 seasons of Montreal:

Photo cred - Denis Roger

Spring - The Season Of Creation

(4 events planned so far)

  • Opera rendition of Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall
  • Special performances by the OSM
  • The illumination of the Jacques-Cartier bridge
  • 67 works of public art will be on display on Sherbrooke between the McCord and Fine Arts Museums

Summer - The Season To Party

(6 events planned so far)

  • Big show presentations (Details still unknown)
  • Massive gathering of 800 different artists.
  • FrancoFolies Special Edition.
  • Jazz Fest Special Edition.
  • Just For Laughs Special Edition.
  • Canada Pride Festival.

Fall - The Season Of Colours

(1 event planned so far)

  • Special Exposition in honor of Leonard Cohen

Winter - The Season Of Lights

(7 events planned so far)

  • Christmas light competitions.
  • Mini Pro/Am Olympic Sport Competitions.
  • World Junior Hockey Championship.
  • Montréal en Lumière Special Edition.
  • Gathering of 50 of the world's most reputable Chefs.
  • Igloofest Special Edition.
  • WinterFest Special Edition.

Photo cred - chatelaine

Open-Air Theatre

(30 events in total)

According La Presse, Montreal will build a giant outdoor theater and will hold performances every day for the entire month of July 2017. Hundreds of artists will flock from France, Spain, Australia, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom and of course Canada.

Photo cred - theatlantic

Borough Feature

(19 events in total)

During weekends from May to September 2017, Montreal will be featuring a different Montreal borough, with street food, a circus, and entire streets transformed into art galleries. This is meant to encourage Montrealers to discover neighborhoods they might not visit otherwise.

Photo cred - canadianart

A City Of Memories

Organised by the same people who designed the giant video projections downtown, Montreal's buildings will become giant living billboards that will teach people about the city's history. This project will begin on May 17, 2016, so you don't even have to wait an entire year to see it.

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