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7 Airbnb Tiny Houses You Can Rent Just Across The Border From Quebec

See what it's really like to live in a tiny space for a few days.
7 Airbnb Tiny Houses You Can Rent Just Across The Border From Quebec
  • If you've been dreaming of escaping to a tiny Airbnb house for the weekend, we just made your search for one a little bit easier.
  • Below is a list of seven small cabins that are as quirky as they are cool — check it out!

The tiny Airbnb house movement is taking over. In an attempt to lessen our carbon footprint, be more ecologically friendly, clean lives (and souls) of extraneous stuff, and just live a downright adorable experience, tiny homes are becoming even more popular on Airbnb. Quebec is already ahead of the game when you want to live the curated life with these eight tiny home rentals, but if you're looking to include a U.S road trip to the agenda, we found seven spots over the border that are big on style and small on space. 

Each of the homes below are under 400 square feet but still manage to include everything you could need for a weekend away. And with the cost of Montreal property still on the rise, we may all be downsizing sooner than we thought. 

A lot of tiny homes are only available from early spring — so make sure to check the calendar and book early as they rent out quickly.  

Whether you are looking for modern and luxurious or isolated and off the grid, these quirky homes have something for everyone. 

All of the destinations are less than a six-hour drive, so planning to get there won't take too much effort. And with the lack of space, you don't even have to pack a lot. 

Keep reading to take a look at seven of the most unusual, tiny homes in New England and New York, that are worth making a trip across the border.  

The Glass House

Marlboro, New York


Cost: $221/night

Estimated time to get there: 3 hours

Imagine sleeping in total privacy with views of vineyards and orchards, from your glass house home... Here, you can do exactly that. This place has been featured in numerous magazines and has all the modern comforts of home.

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The Waterfall Tiny House

Monroe, Maine


Cost: $192/night

Estimated time to get there: 5 hours & 30 minutes

This tiny home looks like what a billionaire would construct as a kid's playhouse, but it can be all yours from as early as May. There are gardens, forests, swimming holes, and waterfalls all in the vicinity to capture the fairytale essence this house gives off.

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Maine Woods Tiny House

Freedom, Maine


Cost: Approx $40/night

Estimated time to get there: 5 hours & 10 minutes

This is as pretty bare-bones as you can get, but it is just so damn adorable. The property also sits on an expansive organic fruit and vegetable garden that you have full access to. Live off the grid and enjoy only the sound of birds.

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Apple Blossom Cottage

Jamaica, Vermont


Cost: $100/night

Estimated time to get there: 4 hours

This little space is part cottage, part fairy wonderland. Go hiking at the nearby mountain trails or sit back for an evening by the firepit. Either way, it books quickly — so now is the time.

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The Salt Box

Casco, Maine


Cost: $312/night

Estimated time to get there: Four hours and 30 minutes

It might seem expensive, but you can actually fit 6 people in this beautiful and luxurious tiny home. It's located on Sebago Lake in Maine, and with the 270-degree windowed views, you can enjoy every aspect of it.

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Cabin In The Woods

Bolton, Vermont 


Cost: $172/night

Estimated time to get there: 2 hours

Hidden down a five-mile dirt road sits this exquisite 225 square foot home away from home. Completely renovated, you can enjoy the new fireplace or the views of the water from your deck.

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Alder Brook Cottage

Hardwick, Vermont


Cost: $96/night

Estimated time to get there: 2 hours & 30 minutes

This spot has no running water or electricity. There is where you go to unplug but still stay in a magazine-worthy home. To get there you will have to leave your car parked and cross a wooden footbridge before you encounter the fairytale space.

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Make sure to book your favourite before its gone!

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