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7 All-New Cozy Montreal Cafes You Have To Try This Summer

Most of them have a terrasse, too.
7 All-New Cozy Montreal Cafes You Have To Try This Summer

Coffee culture is strong in Montreal, and as a coffee-lover, that makes me very happy. More and more I see little "mom and pop" coffee shops opening up, and as much as I love my Starbucks, every so often, I stop into one of the local places for a really strong cup. 

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This spring quite a few new spots opened up, and I was waiting for summer to get my list out because many of these spots have lovely terraces in the summertime, so now is prime time to stop by for a drink!

7. Helico Cafe

Where: 2009 Avenue de la salle // Hochelaga

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Why you should go: Cafe Helico has a fresh and open space is just so charming and totally perfect for a quick coffee date. Located just a few blocks from Pie-IX Metro station this is THE spot to check out for a coffee if you're in the east end.

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6. Cordova Coffee & Cocktails

Where: 4606 Notre Dame O // St-Henri

Why you should go: With a super charming wooden terrasse this little St-Henri gem opened up this spring and is already a neighborhood fav. Stop by for after work drinks or a glass of wine and sharable tapas-style plates inspired by the south of Spain. It's like you've traveled to Barcelona and back.

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5. SSENSE Cafe

Where: 418 St Sulpice St // Old Montreal

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Why you should go: Ultra minimal decor and brutalist interior, this cafe is not just a place to get a coffee, it's a place to fully immerse yourself into another world. Located on the top floor of a three-story boutique, they serve coffee, but also light sharable plates you can enjoy after browsing all the high-end luxury fashion.

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4. La Station F-MR

Where: 2 Allée des Barges // St-Henri

Why you should go: This 100% public space built out of a re-purposed STM car is so unique and is the kind of community project that makes Montreal a truly special place to live. They are only open during the warm months, from May-September, but there are tons of events with food, drinks, and free wifi all the time for you to plop down and get to work.

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3. Club Social P.S

Where: 5090 Notre-Dame O // St-Henri

Why you should go: Elena opened up back in the late winter, and it was a success. With a jaw-dropping interior that is luxurious but not pretentious, it's absolutely impeccable. The food is a rustic Italian heaven of perfectly cooked decadent pizzas and pasta. They recently opened a little cafe dubbed "coffee, pizza, wine" on Instagram. To get there you have to go around back Elena, here you'll find this charming outdoor terrasse. Serving up coffee and light pizzas for you to enjoy in the sun.

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2. Cafe Sao

Where: 2210 Av De Lorimier // Ville-Marie

Why you should go: Located just a couple blocks away from Frontenac Metro on busy De Lorimier Street, this new cozy cafe has stolen our hearts with it's bold and quirky branding and decor. It's definitely the spot to try if you live in the Village or the South East end of the city.

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1. Cafe Dax

Where: 1461 Ave Van Horne // Outremont

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Why you should go: Cafe Dax is new to the Van Horne/Outremont area. Literally across the street from Metro Outremont, it's the perfect spot to pop in if you're in the area or you live in the Mile-End. They also serve some gourmet popsicles in the summertime.

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