7 Best College Diplomas To Have In Canada

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7 Best College Diplomas To Have In Canada

When we were kids, our parents taught us that you have to go to university to be successful. But the fact is that in today's world, you don't necessarily need to graduate from university, there are plenty of great Canadian Careers you can get with a college (cegep) degree.

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We perused the mosthigh paying and most in-demand jobs in Canada and singled out the ones that only require a college degree in order to determine the best college diplomas you can have in Canada.

Travel & Tourism

The tourism industry is huge in Canada, and there are so many different opportunities available in many different sectors, including: food service, management and sales just to name a few. And considering Canada was recently named the top tourist destination of 2017, things are only going to get better.

Average Salary: $50,256

Trade Courses

There is a huge demand for skilled workers across Canada. Actually it's a literal labor shortage. Not many young people choose vocational training, so now that all the older workers are retiring there is no one to take over.

Average Salary: $51,000

Accounting and Management Technology

No matter where you are, there an office close-by. And offices need managers and administrative assistants. The best paying ones are usually those related to accounting and payroll.

Average Salary: $46,000

Transportation and Logistics

Canada is massive! That means there's a lot of ground to cover to deliver goods and products. This requires an army of workers. Everything from forklift operators, clerks, warehouse workers, logistics managers, and even drivers.

Average Salary: $64,000

Early Childhood Education

Until they all get replaced by teaching-bots. The education sector still has a ton of jobs that need to be filled. You could be a teachers, daycare worker, principal, or even a guidance counselor.

Average Salary: $51,583

Human Ressources

Not sure what job to do? You can always have the job, where your job is to find jobs, for people looking for jobs. Finding talented, reliable workers will always be an in-demand skill.

Average Salary: $44,000

Dental Hygiene

You can't be doctor without going to university, but you can work in that field as a dental hygienist. The demand is constantly increasing due to the aging population and the pay isn't too bad either.

Average Salary: $116,000


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