7 Best Montreal Barre Class Studios You Can Go To With Your Friends

Make this your new 'barre' crawl list.

If you still haven't gotten your ideal summer body, don't worry! It's not too late because Montreal now offers this killer new workout that will get you in shape in not time! Barre is a new and upcoming workout where you use your whole body.

A barre workout can be described as an " exercises designed to chisel and sculpt your muscles while working your core, stability and posture" according to Ensō. In other words, it is basically a combination of Pilates and ballet into one killer workout. Anyone can do barre all it takes is determination and endurance.

Barre actually originated in London when the famous German dancer  Lotte Berk injured her back.Don't worry, you don't need rhythm to do a barre workout, you just need to be willing to sweat a lot! Barre studios and classes have skyrocketed and is now a new trend that is taking over Montreal. So, be the first of your friends to try it! Trust me, you won't regret it!

1. Workout At Ensō For Hot Barre

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1470 rue Peel Tower B, Suite 100

My personal favorite studio to do barre has to be Ensō! Their hot barre classes challenge your entire body in an attempt to lengthen and strengthen your entire body. Ensō hot barre will have you feeling tightened and toned from head to toe. You lieterally drip sweat since the class is held in a heated room between (38 °C / 100 °F) to (39 °C / 102 °F). You will feel the calories sweating off your body! All levels are welcome and will find this class accessible.


2. Workout At Très Studio Barre Fitness For 60 Minutes Of Isanity

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4371 Rue St-DenisMontreal

Go to Très Studio Barre Fitness for a 60 minute full body ballet barre workout! They specialize in strength, conditioning, and stretching so get on that workout for your summer body!


3. Workout At Studio Barre Plus For 7 Different Barre Classes

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50 a Avenue Ste Anne, Pointe-Claire

If you haven't found the perfect bar class for you, then don't worry because Studio Barre Plus offers 7 different type of barre classes. I guarantee that you will find your barre style here!


2. Barre sculpt



5. Gentle barre & pre-natal barre

6. Mommy (parent) baby barre sessions

7. Toddler & parent barre sessions


4. Work Out At B.cycle B.body Barre Extreme

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601 rue de la Gauchetière west

For that ultimate extreme barre workout, then B.cycle is the place to be! They have great barre classes that are perfect for those extreme athletes. But don't sweat it, they also have beginner classes called B.body Barre. So, get ready, get set, and get on that barre.


5. Work Out At VPilates Barre & Étirement For Booty Barre

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For those who want to work out that booty, then this is the place for you! Bootybarre includes mats and accessories that are all supplied by the studio. Bootybarre is "an energetic workout that combines the techniques of dance, Pilates and Yoga to tone, define and carve the entire body " VPilates Barre & Étirement according to . It is truly the a fabulous fusion of strength and flexibility. It's the perfect cardio workout!


6. Work Out At Essentrics Studio For Essentics Barre

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3431 Stanley Montreal

For everything you could have ever wanted from a workout, Essentics barre is the workout for you! They have two barre heights to choose from in order to get a deep stretch at the level that is right for you. They have been open for 15 years where they keep all the fundamentals of barre running. Their barre workouts have zero impact whiteout the use of weights. So start stretching yourself over there!


7. Workout At Pilates du Plateau For Barre Bootcamp

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120 Duluth E. Suite 27

If you haven't been to bootcamp yet, then barre bootcamp at Pilates du Plateau is the place for you! This is an intensive level of barre that gives you pros a complete body workout as you sweat your worries away. They also have intermediate level for all the newbies!


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