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7 Best Places To Adopt A Pet In And Around Montreal

Where to find your new best friend.
7 Best Places To Adopt A Pet In And Around Montreal

Are you looking for a new addition? Whether you're looking for a cat to keep you company in your apartment, or a dog to play with and love, getting a pet is always a difficult, yet great choice to make.

If you choose to get a pet though, you may be wondering what the difference is between buying and adopting? There are countless reasons why adopting a pet is always the better option. Not only is it usually less expensive, but when you adopt from a shelter, you're saving a life. Animal shelters are overpopulated, and unfortunately the way that owners deal with this problem is by putting these living creatures to sleep. This needs to stop, and the best way to do that is by adopting pets rather than buying them.

Here are some organizations where you can adopt your newest best friend:


Everyone's heard about the SPCA, but what are they really all about? For starters, the acronym SPCA stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Their name describes their mission clearly. Visit their website to find out more about the organization, and visit them at 5215 Jean-Talon West if you'd like to adopt a pet like Runty.

2) Nali Animal Orphanage

Run by the love and determination of volunteers, the Nali Animal Orphanage is dedicated to help dogs, cats, and other animals find forever families. This small rescue was founded in 2009. This non-profit organization's mission is to help out abandoned animals, like Chester here, and to find them families who will love and care for them. To find out more, visit their website here, or email them at:

3) Compassionate Animal Adoption

This Montreal-based rescue is dedicated to helping out all living creatures, despite their age, their sex, their size, etc. The CAA takes animals from kill-pounds and takes them in as their own in order to save their lives. They also have animals brought to them, like Penny here with her two kittens. The volunteers running this organization not only help the animals, they also help future families through adoption and training processes. Email for more information or visit their official site.

4) Rosie Animal Adoption

Located at 3551 St. Charles, Suite 440, Kirkland, this organization is focused on ensuring the survival of unwanted dogs. For example, we have Charlie Brown. This non-profit organization took him in from the pound and discovered that he had chronic Kidney Disease. They've been caring for him and many other animals just like him. The organization's ultimate goal is to educate the public about caring for their animals properly so that they don't need to end up abandoned or in a shelter. To learn more, check out their website.

Photo Cred - Susan Fischer

5) Pierrefonds Animal Hospital

This animal hospital understands the needs of animals more than most. This is why their service is 24/7; to help animals whenever it is that they need it most. Since 1973, the Pierrefonds Animal Hospital has been committed to providing the medical care that animals need in the best way possible. While they mostly focus on helping household pets, they also have an adoption program, where you can adopt animals like Lady Stark. Visit their official website for more information, or pass by the hospital itself at 15723 Pierrefonds Boulevard.

6) Cause 4 Paws Rescue

This volunteer-run cat rescue is focused on giving a better lives to homeless felines all over the city. They are also a no-kill organization, meaning that no matter what they will keep their cats alive so that they can be adopted by a loving family. This rescue provides food, shelter, and more for cats like Ashes, up above, for as long as they need it. To contact the organization, send them an email at or simply check out their website.

7) Le Refuge Balto

In 2010, Le Refuge Balto was created in order to save dogs in need. Many pounds have approached the organization to take in some of their dogs due to the overcapacity. They also save dogs from euthanasia. The organization has helped countless dogs find their forever families, but there is still more work to be done. Dogs like Milo are still in need of homes, and this organization will only stop their hard work when they are no longer needed. Find out more on their website.

Have you fallen in love yet? If so, what are you waiting for? It's always the right time for a furry new addition.

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