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Best Montreal Poutine Restaurants In Saint-Henri

This neighborhood knows what's up.
Best Montreal Poutine Restaurants In Saint-Henri

Photo cred - Mila

Living in the Plateau makes me feel spoiled. The restaurants here are arguably the best in Montreal, especially when it comes to poutine (or drunk food in general). However, as much as I love my neighbourhood noms, the best poutine in the city is undoubtedly on Saint Henri. You can get everything  from the classic to the eclectic. All pretty much next store to each other. We’ve compiled the best of the many spots in the Saint Henri hood which, if you haven’t already, you have to try!

1. The Green Spot

3041 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

If you like jukeboxes and greasy spoon menu then this is the place for you. The Green Spot is a classic Montreal diner, with a 50’s vibe going on. They have delicious American style breakfast food, but their crowning jewel is really the poutine. It’s a classic take, fresh fries, warm gravy and plump cheese curds. Perfection.

2. Restaurant A.A

3700 Rue Notre Dame Ouest

Restaurant AA has a special place in my party girl heart. I have fond memories of sloppy nights ending with this spot. They’re a no fuss kind of joint. It’s not super fancy or anything, but I would go for their gravy alone. It is amazeballs.

3. New System BBQ

3419 Rue Notre Dame Ouest

Everyone likes their poutine served with liveliness. New System BBQ will give you just that. You can expect fast service, a big menu and good vibes. And if that for some reason doesn’t appeal to you, then I can assure you will leave with a happy stomach. The poutine is savory masterpiece I can never pass up. If you’re feeling v saucy, I’d say that you should get a side o' chicken.

Photo cred - Brian K

4. The Burgundy Lion

2496 Rue Notre Dame Ouest

Do you like your poutine to be classy as fuck. Picture a roast beef poutine, coupled with a whisky neat. Nice, right? Head on over to the Burgundy Lion and you can order just that! Go on and get your fancy on.

5. Joe Beef

2491 Rue Notre Dame Ouest

It’s not normally restaurants live up their reputation, but I gotta say Joe Beef knows what their poutine is all about. Their potatoes are immaculate. And they actually have decent sized portions. Not to big, not too small. Goldilocks style.

6. Le Boucan Smoke House

1886 Rue Notre Dame Ouest

Poutine connoisseurs know that additions on the classic formula can be make it or break it. However, a general consensus is that poutine and pulled pork are a match made in heaven. Le Boucan Smoke House has their meat game on lock. I’d describe their pulled pork as smoky and a little sweet. Coupled with their rustic poutine, I’d say the two compliment each other exponentially well.

7. Paul Patates

760 Rue Charlevoix

The last place I’d say is a must go to is Paul Patates. Their style is simple, and executed as it should be. Each element is harmonious with the other, never one over taking the other. Honestly, that is all a montrealer can ask for from their poutine.éal-2

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