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7 "Breaking Bad" Videos To Prep You For The Finale

Every Breaking Bad fan needs to watch these videos.
7 "Breaking Bad" Videos To Prep You For The Finale

For the Breaking Bad Enthusiasts : 7 BB related videos to watch while waiting for the final episode to air

As the critically acclaimed series reaches an end, the episodes just keep getting more intense. This week’s episode of Breaking Bad took on a different tone entirely.

Despite the state of suspended disbelief it created, in the end we’re all rooting for “Heisenberg” to resurface and take charge. With only 1 final episode left in the series, we’re all wondering how it’s all going to go down . To commemorate the greatness of the show, and to take lessen the emotional turbulence we’ve all just experienced, here’s some BB related stuff to watch while you wait for the finale to air this Sunday.

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1. Aaron Paul on the Price is Right

If you didn't already know, Aaron Paul aka “Aaron Sturtevant” was a former contestant on everyone's favourite gameshow the Price is Right. Watch this hilarious clip of his 'priceless' reaction over being chosen to “come on down!” . His voice exudes so much enthusiasm that its hard not to crack up every 5 seconds.

2. A Writer’s Room episode of the show “Breaking Bad”

If you want to become acquainted to some of the genius writers behind Breaking Bad, then I highly suggest you check out “The Writer’s Room”, a new show that gives you an insider’s look behind the thought processes of the writers from your favourite tv series. You can stream a full episode on their site here

3. A Compilation video of all the times Jesse says his infamous “Yo Bitch” throughout the entirety of the series.

Entertainment at its finest.

4. The full length feature of the Breaking Bad panel from this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

What better way to vicariously experience some of the highlights from San Diego’s Comic Con than by watching an entire one hour feature of Breaking Bad's cast reveal segments about the show that you don’t already know? Exactly, there is none. You can watch the full Q/A online on Amc’s site here.

5. A 2 minute break down of the classic 'rooftop pizza toss' scene .

To this day, the immaculate landing of the pizza being thrown onto the roof is still one of my favorite scenes from the series. Turns out, Cranston nailed the shot in his first attempt. Its an impeccable performance that truly shows off the uncanny skills of Bryan Cranston . Also worth mentioning is that after this scene was shot, Venezia’s pizza has never been the same.

6. Breaking Fast

Walt Jr’s obsession with Breakfast . A twisted video conveying the consequences of Walt Jr. missing out on his favourite meal of the day.

7. Breaking Bad as a romantic comedy.

Here’s a hilariously offbeat video portraying an alternate reality of Breaking Bad. After watching this, you won’t look at Walt or Jesse in the same way again.


For the die hard fans : Check out this Breaking Bad Super Lab Playset

Let’s try to disregard the price and focus on the ingenuity behind the masterminds of this lego set.

Did we forget any awesome Breaking Bad videos or clips? Pumped for the finale? Tell us in the comments below.

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