7 Breathtaking Places You Can Go Kayaking Near Montreal This Spring

Time to get outside!
7 Breathtaking Places You Can Go Kayaking Near Montreal This Spring

Have you looked outside? It's absolutely gorgeous! The sun is out and we can finally put away the winter jackets and boots. That means that it's time to enjoy the outdoors and get active.

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One of my favorite ways to enjoy spring weather is to get out on the water. I'm talking about aquatic activities! Running and biking is great, but there's something about water that just makes everyone ten times more relaxing and enjoyable. 

One of the best things about Montreal is that it has tons of canals and waterways that make kayaking super accessible. And I don't know if you've ever been kayaking but it seriously awesome! Spring 2018 is a perfect time to give it a try. Here's where you can go in Montreal:

1. KSF

This place is the perfect place for beginners because they actually offer classes. So if it's your first time going out on the water, there is no need to worry. They won't send you out for something that you aren't ready for. And they offer much more than just kayaking if you're a little more experienced. They even do surfing!

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2. H20 Adventures

This location is probably my favorite. It can be found along the Lachine Canal and it's perfect for a low-key afternoon in the sun. It's right next to the Atwater Market and it has amazing views! You really can't get better than this place. It will definitely relax you and let you enjoy the city from afar.

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3. Rafting Montreal

Want something exciting? Check out Rafting Montreal! Located on the Lachine Rapids, this place has been serving Montrealers since 1992. This is definitely a location for the more experienced rafters. If you've never been out on the water then you're probably going to want to start off with something a little easier. But the views are beautiful, so you've got to check it out.

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4. Parc Jean Drapeau

Did you know that you could actually kayak in the Olympic basin of Montreal? Yeah, me neither. But you'll get amazing views of the city that you just can't see from anywhere but the water. Whether you want to kayak competitively or recreationally, this is the place to check out! You'll have an amazing time. Trust me.

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5. Club de Canoë-Kayak d’Eau Vive de Montréal

This club has been in place since 1984 and has over 450 members! How cool is that? Who knew there were that many people super passionate about water sports in Montreal? They've got a great location and a great membership program. So, if you're a water sports buff, this is definitely the place for you.

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6. navi

This company allows you to take a kayak to check out the banks of Nun’s Island, Rock Island and Verdun. You won't believe these views! You can escape the city but still stay close-by. They even offer special summer passes so you can maxmize your time on the water. Navi kayaking will take your breath away.

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7. Détour Nature

This one is definitely for the lovers of nature. If you'd rather be on the water than in the city on any given day, then you probably love kayaking. This place is designed for Montreal's amazing community of nature lovers. At any time of the year they've got tons of nature-related activit

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