7 Companies In Canada That Want To Pay You To Be In Movies

Lights, camera, you're hired!
7 Companies In Canada That Want To Pay You To Be In Movies

Being a movie extra or "backround" actor is a great way to earn some extra income. However, most people don't know the first thing about how to find these types of gigs and jobs in their city or region.

TL;DR These 7 casting companies are always looking for Canadian talent!

Many people will therefore turn to the usual suspects like Kijiji and other online job boards to find local acting gigs. However, the only thing you will find there are subpar jobs that are not in a position to offer the payout you're looking for.

On the other hand, casting calls for legitimate well-paying gigs are always found through established talent management databases and companies, like the ones below.

I know you're asking: Don't I need to be experienced to join? The answer is no! These talent agencies are often looking for a wide range of people from diverse backrounds and levels of experience.

Check out these top companies in Canada that will put you in touch with the best castings opportunities in your region!

1. Actra

You've probably heard the name already. That's because Actra is the biggest player in Canada when it comes to representation. As an Actra member, you're guaranteed the professional seal of approval, so to speak. They even have a division specific for background actors.

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2. Starnow

Starnow is a massive talent database that you can be a part of for free, regardless of your skill or experience level. People looking for movie work can use the database to search for jobs across Canada. There is everything from acting jobs, extra work, modelling gigs and more. Or on the flip side, if you're looking to hire local talent, you can search the database for people to fill the roles you need.

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3. Castcaller

Castcaller is another massive talent data base that has a worldwide reach. You can join in one easy click and instantly access job postings for casting calls in your city and all around Canada.

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4. Project Casting

If you're looking for casting opportunities in you area, check out Project Casting. You can join in one click and you'll have access to all the top castings in your area.

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5. Hennessey Casting

This company specializes in castings in Atlantic Canada region. Regardless of your experience level, you can easily sign up and get discovered fast! They do everything from acting, voice work, modelling, and background work.

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6. Toronto Film Extras

Toronto being the biggest city in Canada population wise, it needs its own casting company. Toronto Film Extras Agency is one of the leading background performers agencies in the Greater Toronto Area. They have connections with top casting directors and industry members. If you're looking to find extra work in Toronto, this is your best bet.

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7. Hollywood North Extras

Considering its proximity to Los Angeles, British Columbia has become a kind of Canadian "mini LA." As a result, finding extra and backround work in BC is simple. If you're looking to be in the movies on the west coast, check out Hollywood North Extras.

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