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These 7 Buttons Are So Montreal

City pride.
These 7 Buttons Are So Montreal

Montreal may have its flaws, but anyone who considers themselves a Montrealer will never be shy to admit how much they love their city. After all, an essential part of being a Montrealer is the pride that goes along with it. There are certain cultural unifiers found here that simply do not exist elsewhere, and it is precisely those things that make Montreal the unique place that it is.

Canadian button-makers, Six Cent Press, have brilliantly (and hilariously) pinned some of the things that only a true Montrealer can relate to, with a series of custom buttons we'd love to get our hands on.

Ever wondered how to make buttons? The process is strangely hypnotic to watch:

Buttons are pretty much the originator of memes, before everything became so digital, allowing you to say how you feel (you know, without actually saying it), advertise your brand, or just show off your artwork by pinning it wherever you please. For literally any custom button you can think of, Six Cent Press makes them and ships them to anywhere in Canada.

Check out Six Cent Press' official website and Instagram for thousands of more awesome pin ideas.