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7 Days In The Backyard. What This Dad Built Is Astonishing

Perfect for defending against seasonal barbarians.
7 Days In The Backyard. What This Dad Built Is Astonishing

When it's negative 25 and below in Canada, what do you do? Well, most of us would just huddle inside for warmth all day, but this Ontario family man had a different idea: make a real-life ice fortress.

Freezing dozens of multicoloured ice blocks on the daily, this icy endeavor took days of preparation and building time. But, with some help from neighbors, family, and harsh winter winds, this Canadian man built a real winter wonder. Here's how he did it:

First, you get gloves. Unless you want 'dem digits to fall off

Take water, put it in some expandable boxes, and add food colouring. Repeat.

Section of a square space

Now get stacking

For some arctic ambiance, freeze some LED Xmas lights in a block of ice. Perfect lighting for an ice fortress.

So cold, but so pretty

And when it's ready for a barbarian invasion, you party.

Do you want your own ice fortress?

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