7 Easy Tips For Guys To Pick Up Girls

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7 Easy Tips For Guys To Pick Up Girls

There's this myth going around that women are completely impossible to understand - that we're these strange, otherworldly beings that run off our own internal logic that can never be understood by men. And while I do believe there are just some things men will never understand about us, it's totally untrue that we're super complicated.

If you take the time to understand us, you'll see that we are actually very straight-forward. And to help you on your quest, I've compiled the list below:

1. If you want to be hotter, smell better

It's a fact that women have a more sensitive and sophisticated sense of smell than men. I don't why this is, but scientists have proven it. And smell plays a much larger part in attraction for women than it does for men. If you want to gain hotness points without doing a single sit-up,start thinking about how you smell. For the love of God, shower daily. And consider picking up some cologne - a spritz of Old Spice can be the factor that tips a woman from being okay with you to being into you. Just don't overdo it.Remember, women have a more sensitive sense of smell than you do. A couple of spritzes is enough. The last thing you want is for women to smell you from across the room. Believe me, there is such a thing as too much.

 2. You can’t go wrong with a button-down shirt

Seriously, you just can't. Whether it's a nice dress shirt at a party or a plaid flannel at a dive bar, button-downs are always a huge step up from t-shirts. It immediately makes your whole outfit look more put-together and gives us the impression that you're at least somewhat grown up. If you want to ramp up the sexy,fold the sleeves halfway up your forearms. I don't know why this drives us crazy, but it does.

3. Confidence is everything

Girls are not attracted to douchebags. Girls are attracted to guys who know who they are and have some charisma. Those kinds of guys happen to often be douchebags, but not always. Nice guys don't, in fact, finish last - meek ones do. Case and point: How many couples have you seen where the man is a 5 and the woman is an 11, but she stays with him because he makes her laugh? A man who is comfortable in his own skin and lets his passions out will always be more attractive to women. Looks come and go, but charisma is forever. And charisma is fun.

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4. The best lover isn’t the guy with the craziest moves

Men these days seem to think that the way to stand out in the bedroom is to pull the freakiest, most creative moves. I'm not sure why this is, but like all the other whacked-out assumptions people have about sex, I suspect it's from internet porn. In reality,women aren't looking for the zaniest guy in bed (at least, not usually). Nine times out of ten, women are looking for guys who are attentive, eager, and who desire them. And she's not expecting you to just magically know how to play her body. But if you make it clear that you want to learn and that you find her beautiful and desirable, you will always be treated like a virtuoso.

5. Girls may friendzone you, but you girlfriendzoned them first

Seriously guys, the friend zone is bullsh*t. Men and women can be just friends and are just friends all the time - don't blame the girl you're into if you've always treated her like just a friend and she treats you the same way. If you're in this situation, she's not friendzoning you - you're girlfriendzoning her. She thought you just wanted to chill and now you're pissed that she doesn't want to make out? Wtf, dude?! If you know you want to date a girl,then you have to make your intentions clear, and fast. If you're wishy-washy about it, you're just yanking her around - and it's just going to bum out everybody.

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6. If she says "no" she means it. Move on.

It's sad that I have to say this in 2015, but, "No," does not mean, "Convince me." Whether she's turning down your offer to buy her a drink, your request to dance, or you when you lean in, "No," means, "Stop." I'll repeat that, because it's important: NO means STOP. It doesn't matter if she's said yes before, or whatever her body language is saying, or how drunk she is - if you keep going after she says, "No," you're a terrible person. If you do get turned down by a woman,then remember there are plenty of fish in the sea! Respect her wishes and find the woman who says, "yes!"

7. Whatever you do, be nice to her friends

Like your scent, the way you treat her posse can be the defining factor in whether or not you get some tonight. Women are extremely social creatures - we rely on our friends for way more than guys do. And if our friends don't like you, it's really unlikely that you're getting anywhere with us. So even if your angel is surrounded by trolls,smile and pretend. It may not always gain you points, but at least you won't lose any, which is basically the same thing.

Now go forth, my brethren, and make a lot of women very happy!

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