8 Easy Ways To Save Money & Go Green On Concordia Campus

Free meals and printing that doesn't hurt the Earth.
8 Easy Ways To Save Money & Go Green On Concordia Campus

Nowadays the environment is something that's always on our minds. We are all educated enough to know that global warming is an unfortunate reality, and the only way we can slow down the process is to live more sustainable lives. While ignoring the planets problems is incredibly narrow-minded, it is also a little intimidating to know where to begin to help. On top of that, being environmentally conscious has a reputation of being an expensive process. Well, we're here to tell you that the stigma is untrue and give you options to make some positive changes, while saving some cash.

1. Frigo Vert

Frigo Vert is a wonderful option for Concordians to grocery shop sustainably. Their mission is to create a store where you can buy groceries that are good for your wallet, good for the environment and good for you! When you walk in you will notice they have everything one would find at a health food store, but priced a lot cheaper and available in bulk. Coupled with their already wonderful organization, they also have 50 cent coffee and a lounge available for you to study and relax. What could be better?

2. The People’s Potato

What do you think when you hear the phrase "free lunch’?" Something along the lines of Hell yeah! Where do I get it?” Well what if we told you that you can get a free lunch that is also delicious and vegan and good for the environment? Yes, this place actually exists and it is called the, Peoples Potato. This program offered by Concordia feeds over 400 students five days a week. The only thing you have to do is head up to the 7th floor of the H building with a Tupper-wear container and an empty belly.

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3. The Hive Café

For those of you who have early classes and can’t skip their morning coffee, fear not, you too can make a difference! The Hive Café seek to provide students with delectable coffees, teas and snacks that are affordable for students as well as continuing to be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. They're located at both the Loyola and Sir George Williams Campus. And as a side note, the coffee is cheaper if you bring your own travel mug.

4. Rubiks Printing

While printing isn’t exactly environmentally conscious practice in itself, it is always nice to know that when you have to use paper, you can do it right. Rubiks Printing was the first of it’s kind to look at printing through a sustainable lens, and attempt to make a difference. 100% consumer recycled paper, soy based ink and bio-degradable promotional items are just a few of the steps Rubiks has taken to make the world a better place.

5. The Co-op Bookstore

The Concordia Co-op bookstore is a great way to be environmentally conscious when buying your textbooks. They offer both new and used books at lower prices than the big corporation bookstores price for students, and being a non-profit organization that has the students and the environment’s best interest in mind.

6. Clothing Swaps

If you have too many clothes or not enough then clothing swaps are the event for you. About once or twice a semester, Concordia will host a massive clothing swap. The process is simple; once you donate some clothes you’ll receive credit that can be used at the swap to “purchase” something you like. In the end, there is no waste created and everyone gets something new. Be sure to keep and eye out on Facebook and Swapteam.org for any upcoming events.

7. The Concordia Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are an amazing outlet for local farmers to get their organic produce out to the public. The only problem with the general market sphere is that they are normally run during the summer season. Luckily, The Concordia Farmers Market has an indoor space that is open and available to you during the fall and winter semesters! You can buy everything from eggs to cookies to tote bags. All organic. All affordable. All from local farmers. They are open every Wednesday from 12-6 on the 2nd floor of the H Building, so head on over while you're at school to get your food on!

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8. The Concordia Greenhouse

Finally, if you are interested in actively being involved in the Concordia community, go check out the Concordia Green House. They have programs to teach you to grow plants, sprouts, vegetables and offer 8 month farming internships, if you are really about getting your hands dirty.

Read up on even more at Sustainable Concordia and the CFC websites!

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