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7 End Of Summer Travel Deals You Need To Check Out Right Now

End you summer with some fun in the sun.
7 End Of Summer Travel Deals You Need To Check Out Right Now

In our great country we only get summer for 3 months of the year, which flat out sucks. The end is coming quick and the best way to stretch it out is taking a nice trip to a warm destination. Even missing the first week of school (there's never anything important during the first week anyways) is a good alternative for broke-ass students who can't afford to pay top dollar for an all-inclusive. Here are some good old travel deals that are easy to find for Montrealer's desperate to peace-out before fall comes back.

1. Casa Marina Dominican Republic (around 750$)

Classic all-inclusive vacation. Beautiful resort where the rum flows like water and the water is warm like the sun. Who doesn't want to spend a week getting drunk on Mamajuana on the beach while the sun turns your skin a beautiful golden brown!? EH?

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2. NYC Tour & Room (around 160$)

This is obviously not a beach getaway, BUT the price is to crazy not to mention. This site is great, they plan group travel with transport, accommodations, and tours included, so that every participant can benefit from group rates.

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3. Fort Lauderdale Plane Ticket (around 350$)

Ahhhh... Fort Lauderdale... The province of Quebec in the States. You're more likely to run into your neighbour here then at the grocery store. But we can't be blamed, it really is a great place to vacation. You get the beach but you also get the shopping that wouldn't be found at an all-inclusive.

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4. Air Canada Hotel Deal in Nice (around 100$/night)

This is a hotel deal offered by Air Canada for a stay in Nice. 7 nights in the French Riviera is perfect for anybody. Food, drinks, and the ocean, is all anyone could ask for before going back to school/work. Also this sea side vacation differs from the all inclusive since it's located in the middle of a beautiful European country.

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5. Grand Paradise, D.R. ( around 700$)

Grand Paradise resort is not the biggest resort and it's located in the small region of Samana in Dominican Republic. It's the all-inclusive classic but since the area is not as populated, the natural surroundings are so much more beautiful then staying in the capitol city.

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6. New Orleans Flight from YUL (around 400$)

New Orleans!! One of the greatest North American party cities. Land of beads, voodoo, and cajun cooking. Not only is there an incredible amount of historic beauty here, but the nightlife is crazy, the French Quarter being a centre for culture and drinking at the same time. Talk about a great American city.

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7. 5 Days of Chicago and More (around 400$)

Here is another group deal ticket at an amazing price. It's not a flight deal, the Greyhound Bus leaves from Montreal. The ticket includes 4nights and 3days, 3 cities, and all kinds of guided tours. On this website, the package deals give wiggle room with the option of extending your stay at the hotel for a discounted price so you can still adjust your trip according to what you're interests are.

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