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7 Essential Things You Need For Your First Apartment In Montreal

Time to decorate!
7 Essential Things You Need For Your First Apartment In Montreal

Is there anything more exciting than moving into your first apartment? Personally, home decor is a huge guilty pleasure. From finding the perfect dining set (or bar stools, if you’re in a studio) to picking out artwork to liven up your bare walls, there’s arguably nothing more fun than setting up a space and making it yours!

Unfortunately, your impeccable taste in home decor will likely make a massive dent in your wallet if you choose to furnish your space with brand-new items. If you’re not into compromising your sweet style for the sake of, y’know, being able to afford rent, never fear. There are plenty of viable alternatives to buying from the store, including LesPAC, that allow you to browse tons of secondhand furniture, appliances, and more from local vendors online!

LesPAC runs along the same lines as other classified sites, except that it’s entirely Quebec based. In the case of home furnishings, it’s a wealth of unique pieces that challenge the diversity of furniture found in stores. One of my favorite things about scouring these secondhand sites is the variety you encounter; you truly never know what sort of gems you’ll come across (and from which era!). No need to break the bank when you can find unique, pre-loved pieces that promise to add personality to your new home!

If you’re moving into your first Montreal apartment, there are a few things that you should purchase prior to moving day. Here are our seven essential items that you need to furnish your new home!

1. Bed

First things first: You need somewhere to sleep in your new pad. While we advise against buying a secondhand mattress (bed bugs are, unfortunately, very real), there’s no better way to save some extra cash than by buying your bed frame and night tables secondhand. If you look hard enough, you might even be able to snag some brand-new, never-before-opened bed frames!

2. Dresser

If you’re moving into an apartment in this city, there’s a chance that your closet space isn’t exactly optimal – if you’re lucky enough to have a closet at all. To combat the incessant limited-storage problems, try looking for a dresser that can house all of your clothes. Most bedrooms are big enough to fit a dresser comfortably, and with all the amazing options available, you really can’t afford to not get one.

3. Dining Room Set

Whether you have a sprawling dining room able to accommodate a huge table and chairs, or you’ve set up shop in a cozy studio and have just enough room for a bar stool in your kitchenette, finding the right dining equipment for your space is key. One of our personal favorites is a handy extendable dining table – if you have a small space, you can keep it in its most compact form, and then use the extension when you have guests over!

4. Couch

A home isn’t really a home without somewhere to snuggle up and watch some good ol’ Netflix. Finding the right couch to furnish your living space can make or break the ambiance of your lazy Friday nights, so it’s imperative that you find one that both beckons you for naptime and shows off your personal style.

5. Coffee Table

Which came first, the couch or the coffee table? The two go hand in hand, and there’s absolutely nothing better than heading home after a long day, sitting on your couch, and putting your feet up on your coffee table. Talk about relaxation central! If you’re in a pinch for cash, try thinking outside the box and make your own coffee table. Anything from a milk crate with a glass top to an old luggage trunk can be transformed into a practical piece of furniture if you set it up the right way.

6. Appliances

When you think of things your home needs, small appliances are rarely number one. While many Montreal apartments already come equipped with a fridge and stove, it’s important to not forget the smaller appliances! In order to have a complete kitchen ready for you to cook up (or reheat) a storm, make sure that you've got a microwave and rice cooker, and a coffee machine to help with early mornings.

7. Artwork

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Blank walls are boring. Spruce up your space with unique prints, framed photos, and paintings in order to breathe some creative life into your new apartment. There’s really no limit to what kind of personality you can add to your home through artwork! If you have a favourite old poster, give it a facelift by mounting it into a new frame. There’s nothing like transforming something old into a reinvented masterpiece!

And there you have it! Once you've checked these essential items off your to-buy list, you'll be pretty much set to move into your first Montreal apartment. Whether you decide to buy new or pre-loved pieces for your home, what's most important is that you make the space feel like its yours. Congrats on the new place!

Want to browse unique, secondhand pieces for your home? Be sure to follow LesPAC on Facebook and Instagram, and check their website for more info!