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7 Famous Families More Insane Than Yours

So you can better appreciate your own family this Thanksgiving.
7 Famous Families More Insane Than Yours

Every holiday/family gathering makes us all think the exact same thing: God my family is insane. True as that may be, at least to you, it could be a lot worse. Television has given us examples of families so dysfunctional its entertaining. From the middle ages to the far future, TV families make ours look manageable. So while you gather round the table for some Thanksgiving turkey, wanting to bitch-slap every relative in the room, remember that it could be MUCH worse. To prove it, here is MTL Blog's list of 7 Famous Families More Insane Than Yours.

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The Lannisters (Game of Thrones)

Starting off the family fun are the Lannisters, everyone's favourite, or most hated, family from the uber-popular Game of Thrones series. Aside from the family trait of being power hungry and greedy, each family member has a special spice to add to the overall insanity. Tywin is the overbearing and ruthless father, Cercei and Jamie are siblings who do it (with eachother), Tyrion is the fiendish imp, while current King of Westerorth, is young sociopath. At least they always pay their debts.

The Costanzas (Seinfeld)

Everyone's favourite 90's sitcom (sorry Friends fans) had a family who brought modern dysfunction to a whole new level. George, along with his parents Frank and Estelle, brought so many moments of hilarity to the fame sitcom, usually just by getting glimpses of their family dynamic. Every time a piece of George's childhood was shared to the audience, laughter and pity ensued. If anything, the Costanzas make this list by being the pioneers behind Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us.

The Adams Family

Rich and borderline evil, the Adams family have an entirely different, and entirely dark, set of values. Although the Adams family is pretty cute and charming in their own Gothic way, you can't ignore the fact that they have a zombie/Frankenstein creature as a butler and a disembodied hand for a dog. Plus, I don't think you'd want to meet any member of the Adams family in a dark alley. They're probably looking for spare limbs.

The Reynolds (Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Without a mother figure to round out the insanity, the Reynolds are still worthy contenders for most dysfunctional famous family. Its Always Sunny is a show where all of the characters are pretty crazy, but the Reynolds trio reigns supreme in terms of family dysfunction. Near-psychotic Frank, combined with his neurotic and self absorbed children Dennis and Dee, shows just how far familial dysfunction can go.

The Whites/Schraders (Breaking Bad)

Take one part secret meth manufacturer/high school teacher with a suspicious wife and a teenage son, add in a DEA agent/brother-in-law with mega-bitch for a wife and you have a recipe for synthetic family drama. Breaking Bad takes two families, puts them into a web of deceit, crime, and drugs, and lets it all unfold before your eyes. The White/Schrader combo takes dysfunction to a whole new level.

The Frys (Futurama)

The Simpsons or the Griffins may look like the obvious animated choice for zany families, but its the Frys who take the cartoon cake. The Frys circa 1999 consist of a military father obsessed with the apocalypse, a sports fanatic mother, and two brothers who never get along. 1000 years later the craziness continues in Prof. Fonzworth, an actual mad scienctist, and his young clone who is a total smartass. Oh, and Fry is (through the headache inducing magic of time travel) his own grandfather. If a millenia of weirdness doesn't prove the Frys are the most dysfunctional animated family, the fact that Frys family barely cared that he dissapered for a thousand years should.

The Bluths (Arrested Development)

You knew this was coming. No list about insane families is complete without a nod to the Bluths, television's most celebrated, hilarious, and entirely dysfunctional family. From GOB's thousand dollar suit-rants, Lindsay and Tobias' mock-marriage, Michael's deluded sense of morality, and Lucille's epic one-liners, the Bluths have earned their place as top dysfunctional family. Here's hoping we see more of them soon.

Did we forget a famous family? Does your own compare to the craziness on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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