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7 Foods You Should Avoid Eating In The Morning If You Do Not Want To Feel Fat All Day

Which are surprisingly easy.
7 Foods You Should Avoid Eating In The Morning If You Do Not Want To Feel Fat All Day

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Ugh, there is nothing worse than having to sit down all day with your dress pants unbuttoned ‘cause you feel bloated. Or, when you’re fighting to stay awake mid-afternoon as you feel your eyes getting droopy because you just ate dinner for 2. Or, even better, you try to suck in your stomach when you’re walking through the boardroom as all eyes dagger on you. Please, we all know you’re guilty. I know, I am.

However, I think it’s fair to mention that women experience bloating, this annoying symptom, more often then it is fair. So, if we want to eat chocolate – we shall eat chocolate.

Bloating which means you have an excess of fluid or gas can be caused by 48 different sources. All in which lead back to food choices or food habits. The most common causes of bloating are overeating, eating too quickly, or eating copious amounts of fatty foods.

Here are a list of foods you should avoid in order to feel less fat:

1. Carbonated Drinks

Diet Coke, RedBull, Fanta, you name it – it’ll cause excessive bloating.

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2. Sweeteners

Stomach gas is created through fructose, suraclose, maltitol etc.

3. Bagels

They cause inflammation in the body.

4. Margarine

It is loaded with trans fats which makes it difficult for the digestive tract to break down and digest.

5. Bacon

I'm sorry but, it’s really high in sodium and fat. The compound sodium nitrate causes water retention and inflammation.

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6. White carbs

Referring to white rice or white pasta. They have been refined so their nutrients have been removed. Therefore increase insulin response and fat storage. Thanks, but no thanks.

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7. Chewing gum (including sugar-free gum)

It increases air accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract.

There are many other reasons why you could feel bloated. Most people have a mild allergy to dairy and they don’t even know it. To find out if you are dairy intolerant, simply look to see if you have white/greenish residue on your tongue when you wake up in the morning, it’s usually an indication. Also, you may experience bloating from lack of water consumption, lack of sleep, and too much fiber.

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