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7 Former Montreal Canadiens And Where They Are Now

In case you were wondering.
7 Former Montreal Canadiens And Where They Are Now

Habs' players are the superstars of Montreal. We, the everyday habitants of Montreal, worship the very ground (or ice) that these guys walk (or skate) on. But once they leave Montreal, they basically fall of the face of the earth. Now most of them are sitting on their most-likely-fatter asses 95% of the time. But some are actually doing some pretty interesting stuff. MTL Blog is here to help you relocate some of your favorite Canadiens players of the past few decades.

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1. Gino Odjick

Gino Odjick days as a top NHL enforcer are most certainly over. Now Odijick honestly doesn't seem to do much with his life. He co-owns of a golf course near Vancouver called the Musqueam Golf & Learning Academy. He is also involved in creating a partnership between native communities around Vancouver and the Aquilini family that owns the Vancouver Canucks.

He seems to be having a grand old time though, at least from his Twitter pictures. He literally has the exact same pose in all of them, whether it's with Hab's head coach Michel Therrien or his waitress: big ol' smile and thumbs up.

Here's Odjick with Therrien (+ photo-bomber):

2. Vladimir Malakhov

Malakhov was the original P.K. Subban. The Russian became a part of the Canadiens organization in 1995 and quickly established himself as an offensive defensemen. Although he retired in 2005, Malakhov has apparently missed skating; Vlad laced up figure skating blades rather than his old hockey skates this past fall for Season 4 of Battle of the Blades. Unfortunately, Malakhov and his partner Oksana Kazakova were voted off the show in Week 3.

Here is the performance that got them eliminated. I may know absolutely nothing about figure skating but he looks pretty good!

3. Patrice Brisebois

Patrice Brisebois retired from one of his favorite sports to pursue a career in another. In 2009, after hanging up the skates, Brisebois decided to become a driver in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series. He participated most recently in the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières in August of this year. Since no one really cares about NASCAR in Canada it's hard to find results for his races but according to one Habs blog, Brisebois finished in 12th place in Montreal in 2009.

4. Doug Gilmour

Gilmour is living the ultimate retired guy dream right now: playing softball and bowling with young NHL stars and not-so-young hockey legends. Right now, Gilmour is in the midst of organizing a bowling tournament to raise money for Diabetes and Sun Life Financial Banting & Best Diabetes Clinic at the Toronto General Hospital. This is the second fundraiser Gilmour is organizing in the Toronto area by the same name: Dougieball. For some reason, I love this name. It's sharp, simple, and poignant.

Here's the video from last year's Dougieball. Current NHL payers to show up included Sam Gagner of the Edmonton Oilers, Cory Hodgson of the Buffalo Sabres, and Paul Bissonnette of the Phoenix Coyotes.

5. Ken Dryden

Dryden is most definitely not sitting on his ass. He's accomplishing twice as much as I ever hope to accomplish in my lifetime. Since retiring, Dryden authored several books, became a Member of Parliament, and most interestingly of all, a professor at McGill. If you were lucky enough to be at McGill in the Winter 2012 semester, then maybe you took his Canadian Studies class, “Thinking the Future to make the Future." He also spoke at the annual conference hosted at McGill called "The World Needs More Canada." Correction: The world needs more Dryden.

6. Claude Lemieux

Claude "The Turtle" Lemieux was voted the top villain this past October by Red Wings fans, mainly because of a hit on Wing’s forward Kris Draper in Game 6 of the 1996 NHL Western Conference Finals. In real life though Lemieux spends his time in Phoenix and Toronto where he is the president for North America of 4Sports & Entertainment, which represents athletes in different sports. Lemieux is in charge of building the hockey business and has Hab's star forward Brandon Prust as a client. Pretty boring, but steady I guess.

Here is Lemieux's hit on Draper:

7. Saku Koivu

Koivu wore the captain's “C” for the Habs for 10 years, tying Jean Beliveau for longest tenured captain in Canadiens history. Currently Koivu is playing with the Anaheim Ducks. Unfortunately, old age and the physical nature of the game seem to be catching up to the Canadiens former captain. He left a game on October 27 of this season against the Columbus Blue Jackets after an elbow to the face by Brandon Dubinsky and is currently being evaluated for a concussion.

It's a pretty brutal hit by Dubinsky:

Did we miss your favorite Habs player? Know something we don't about what these guys are up to? Let us know in the comments!

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