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7 Free Events In Montreal This June

All for the benefit of the Saint-Lawrence River.
7 Free Events In Montreal This June

As some of you may know, last week we announced the Big Splash 2015 happening at the Old Port. The event is meant to raise awareness about the safety of the water surrounding the island of Montreal  and is part of the movement to take back the Saint-Lawrence river.

Well it's not the only event taking place in the next few weeks, The Comite Citoyen Montreal Baignade is holding the Semaine Du Saint-Laurent and there are plenty of free events to take part in:

1. The Big Splash (TBA)

Over 200 Montrealers will be taking a dive in the Saint-Lawrence river to raise awareness about the safety of the water.

Register here for the exact time and date

2. Video Conference With The 7eme Continent (June 8th)

College Durocher will be holding a screening of the movie Expédition 7e continent and a video conference with the members of the ship'd crew afterwards

More Info

3. Conference: Le Saint-LAurent - Notre Fleuve Vivant (June 8th)

A conference to raise awareness about the condition of the water in the Saint-Lawrence rive,r and the steps being taken to improve it. "The health of the river is directly tied to our health."

More Info

4. Screening of the film: L'or Du Golfe (June 11th)

The David Suzuki foundation is proud to present the documentary film: L'or Du Golfe

More Information

5. Ecosphere: Environmental and Ecological Fair (June 13th - 14th)

200 expo booths and 40 conferences in the span of 2 days including conferences on climate change and biodiversity.

More Information

6. Guided River Cruise (June 13th)

Climb aboard the AML Cavalier Maxim for an educational, historical tour of the city. Okay so this one isn't free, but you can get a discount fare on June 13th

More Information

7. Photo-Expo "Le Peuple Du Plancton" (June 15th)

Discover the colorful world of the plankton and the ecosystem of the Saint-Lawrence river.

More Information

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