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7 Important Things To Know About The STM For Nuit Blanche

If you didn`t know now you know.
7 Important Things To Know About The STM For Nuit Blanche

1. The metro to stay open all night

From Saturday March 1st to the 2nd the Montreal metro system will remain open and fully functional to allow you to take part in as many activities as possible for Nuit Blanche. Service won`t be free however.

2. The STM is granting unlimited access to the metro and bus for only 5$

For those that haven`t purchased a month pass this could be a great deal for you.

3. STM shuttles are key to get you to as many events as possible

There will be 4 essential bus shuttles at your disposal that will allow you to reach roughly 200 different activities.

4. After midnight, go for the all-night bus lines

Don`t get stuck trying to get home and paying for a taxi where the metro doesn`t reach with the help of the STM`s extensive all-night buses.

5. Paratransit service will be available

A special service provided for those that need a little more help getting around. It will remain available until 4am.

6. Étoiles du métro stars also spend the night at Nuit Blanche

At 3 select locations there will be free live music by a total of 9 musicians, you can check who, where and when here.

7. New : Blue line hub

From 11pm to 2am a total of 19 fun activities will be taking place at Jean Talon metro.