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7 Insanely Good Lobster Roll Restaurants In Montreal That Will Make You Feel Like You're In Maine

Summer = Seafood.
7 Insanely Good Lobster Roll Restaurants In Montreal That Will Make You Feel Like You're In Maine

Chowing down on a buttery and mayonnaise-filled lobster roll while the sound of the waves slowly hitting the shore plays on loop in the background and the smell of sea salt infiltrates your nose at every breath, this is pure heaven.

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Growing up I spent a lot of summers down in New England. Packed into our little family car we'd drive through Maine, New Hampshire, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, and some of the best memories we're eating the delicious seafood all along the coast.

In Montreal, we have some awesome seafood joints that serve up seasonal items when that time of the year rolls around. So if you want to have that New England experience, here are a few that are known for their awesome lobster roll. 

7. Lucille's Oyster Dive

Where: 5669 Monkland Ave // NDG

Why you should go: I live not too far from this spot, located in the heart of NDG right in Monkland Village, this is a west-side hotspot that serves not only amazing lobster rolls but other awesome locally sourced seafood items all summer long. It has a great intimate vibe and is just the right balance of casual and fancy.

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6. MuvBox Restaurant

Where: de la Commune St E // Old Port

@muvboxmontrealembedded via

Why you should go: This seasonal pop-up resto is delightfully located in the tourist district in the Old Port and right on the water, so it's probably the best spot to chow down a seafood roll. Being a pop-up resto, it's got a really casual picnic type vibe, so it's a good spot to visit if you're looking to pick up something quick.

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6. Skippers Seafood 

Where: 300 Rue Chabanel O // Ahuntsic

Why you should go: This spot is all about the fluffy natural lobster meat in its purest form. With a casual market-style vibe it's a great spot to go when you're craving the authentic New England street-food style lobster roll.

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5. Le Festin Du Capitain

Where: 1836 Saint Catherine west // Downtown

Why you should go: I remember spending summer's in New England with my family and going to local seafood eateries where they'd give you a ridiculous-looking plastic bib and a wooden hammer as you're forced to smash open crab after crab and suck the meat out until you're lips sting from the salt. Ah, memories. Well, this spot downtown brings exactly that authentic New England seafood experience right to your table in downtown Montreal.

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4. Ice House

Where: 51 Rue Roy East // Plateau

Why you should go: Ice House is a super intimate and cozy southern BBQ joint that also specializes in seasonal seafood items like lobster, shrimp, oysters, and crab. It's a dig in hard and eat with your hands 'til your belly pops kind-of place. Perfect for a date if you don't mind getting a little messy. The drinks are awesome, too.

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3. La Societe Montreal

Where: 1415 Mountain // Downtown

Why you should go: If you're looking for a bit of a swankier seafood experience, you have to check out La Societe Montreal located in the heart of downtown. Their thing IS seafood and it's carefully done and refined. They also do 1$ oysters every Tuesday, so you can also check that out!

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2. Les Tonton Flingueurs 

Where:5190 Côte-des-Neiges Rd // Cotes-Des-Neiges

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Why you should go: Les Tontons Flingueurs is a laid-back French Bistro with a warm and casual atmosphere. It consistently has amazingly delicious food, and their lobster rolls are no exception. It has huge pieces of lobster, lightly coated in mayo and served on a fresh bun with crispy lettuce. Yum. They also have $1 oyster specials, so that's just another reason to go!

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1. Dominion Square Taverne

Where: 1243 Metclafe // Downtown

@tavernesquaredominionembedded via

Why you should go: With charming rustic decor, low candlelight, and waiters in perfectly pressed crisp white shirts, this place make you feel like you stepped into an awesome time machine. It's one of my favorite date spots downtown, and they also serve a bomb lobster roll and other seasonal seafood items like oysters and muscles all summer long.

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