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7 Little Burgundy Resto-Bars You Need To Drink & Eat At The Next Time You're In The Sud Ouest

Photo Cred - Trip Advisor

It’s no secret that Little Burgundy is home to countless (but why count?) savory joints, to get your food and drink on. It seems everyday there’s a new restaurant, bar or coffee shop popping up in this hood, in a feverish attempt to satisfy the insatiable appetites of its residents - and beyond.

While Burgundy Lion is an obvious choice as a drinkerie (oh and of course, Drinkerie too) we’re going out on a whim and suggesting the best spots to both eat...AND drink.

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Photo Cred - Montreal Gazette


1732 Notre-Dame Street West

Starting from the east (but still west) corner of Little Burgundy, is a new and totally drool worthy, Japanese cuisine restaurant called Shinji - otherwise known as the spot with sushi that’ll blow your mind.

The chef’s experience is strongly rooted in the Japanese heritage and tradition of washoku cuisine (essentially a process that respects nature), all the while, making excellent use of quality local products. The sushi is fresh but the star dish would have to go to the Wasabi crusted tuna. Yes, it’s expensive - and worth every penny.


Le Boucan

1886 Notre Dame Street West

Le Boucan could easily go unnoticed among the many “places-to-be-seen” but this isn’t a place you’ll want to write off that easily.

For those who love the comforts of good, warm food (a.k.a. comfort food), this smokehouse is guaranteed to gratify those moments of pure indulgence for your appetite and with super decent pricing, your pocketbook will be just fine.

With specialties that’ll keep you salivating for days, such as their pulled pork poutine, 5 napkin burger (if the name isn’t obvious enough, you’ll need 5 napkins to eat this juicy burger), and the tenderest of ribs, it appears that smoking isn’t always that bad..sometimes, it’s actually really, really good.


Junior Filipino

1964 Notre-Dame Street West

It’s not everyday Montreal gets a new Filipino restaurant and to boot, one that is owned by the Filipino Flores brothers, Jojo and Toddy; along with partners Julian Somera and David Pendon.

The experience is meant to be one that simulates a Filipino Market Eatery, with a menu inspired by home-cooking, authentic and exotic cuisine; and in true Southeast Asian style, the starters and main dishes are created to share.


Joe Beef

2491 Notre-Dame Street West.

While this restaurant continues to receive a plethora of international acclaim, it is certainly on the more expensive side - and definitely worth the splurge.

The restaurant may be humble in size, but that’s pretty much where the humility ends. No details are spared, from locally sourced ingredients to the best french wines; expect to be overly satisfied with their steak and seafood selection. Can we say lobster please?


Photo Cred- La Presse

Le Vin Papillon

2519 Notre-Dame Street West

A little wine bar with a whole lot wine, Le Vin Papillon is a member of the Joe Beef empire, and rightfully so.

Be prepared to taste the best wines, many of which you’ve probably never heard of before...and be equally prepared to fight your way in. With only 25 seats and a no-reservation policy, you may need to try once, twice or trice to get that very coveted seat. But the best things in life are worth the wait, right?


Photo Cred - Montreal Gazette

Pizzeria Geppetto

2504 Notre-Dame Street West

This is far from your average pizzeria. Picture a rustic & trendy ambiance, entrees that include the likes of grilled octopus, crushed chickpeas and confit tomatoes and of course, a large selection of delicacy pizzas boasting ingredients such as pine nuts, kale, dates & gorgonzola.

....Hungry yet?


Le Bon Vivant

2705 Notre-Dame Street West

Le Bon Vivant is one of the few places that manages to stay right on trend with the latest in gastronomy and interior design, while somehow managing the impossible task of creating a non-pretentious and downright, chill vibe.

The cuisine is healthy & creative, inspired by flavours and spices from around the globe; their beef jerky, grilled octopus and “stoner sandwich” (a crazy combo of fried chicken, kimchi, blue cheese and Sriracha sauce) will keep you crawling back for more. Munchies or not.


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