7 Lucky First Date Ideas In Montreal

Great times ahead.
7 Lucky First Date Ideas In Montreal

Ah, the first date. Is there any more magical/nerve-wracking/important event in a relationship? Well, probably. But still, first dates are pretty high up there on the importance scale. You both want to pick an awesome place, make a few fun memories, and bond over how great a time you guys just had.

Sadly, this isn't always as easy as it sounds. Montreal has a litany of delicious places to eat - and, honestly, any one of them would do amazingly well for a first date, especially if you and your date click amazingly well. Still, though, there are a handful of places that is a sure bet when it comes to deciding where to take a date for the first time. Confused as to what I mean? Well, don't be. Read on for 7 Lucky First Date Ideas In Montreal.

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1. Jardin Nelson

407 Place Jacques Cartier

Is Jardin Nelson the perfect spring spot to take your first date? Well, I can't make that decision for you, friends. But what I can say is that this Old Montreal spot is seriously gorgeous. First of all, their ambiance is welcoming, friendly, and classy (live jazz bands, anyone?), making it the perfect spot to impress that special someone for the first time. Other than their amazing atmosphere, though, is their awesome food. Jardin Nelson's menu boasts a wide variety of fresh, tasty, classic dishes - like their outstanding homemade cannelloni, their pesto brie fondue, or their amazing lobster macaroni and cheese. Note that Jardin Nelson opens up in mid-April, making it an awesome spot for a springtime date.


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2. Gryphon D'Or

5968 Av de Monkland

Gryphon D'Or already got some love from me in the past, but honestly, this spot deserves all the shoutouts. Especially as an awesome place to go out on a (first) date. What is it that propels Gryphon D'Or to first date worthy status? Well, first of all, this NDG spot is a teahouse - which not only makes it super romantic, but it also means that if you and your date are lovers of tea, you know exactly where to go to share some awesome tea and some delicious snacks (like homemade scones, butter pecan squares, and smoked salmon pikelet). Beyond that, though, Gryphon D'Or offers a delicious brunch (which includes stuffed french toast!), perfect for taking the brunch lover in your life out on a date.


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3. Le Serpent

257 Rue Prince

Located right in Old Montreal, Le Serpent is pretty much a surefire way to impress any date. This spot boasts a gorgeous interior, a wonderful location - seriously, is there anything more romantic than taking a stroll through the Old Port after an awesome dinner? - and some legitimately fresh, delicious food. Not saying that having your first date here will improve your dating game or anything... but you two can definitely bond over what an awesome time you just had. Which is pretty great in and of itself, TBH.


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4. Chambre À Part

3619 Rue Saint-Denis

Seriously, Chambre À Part is quite possibly the most romantic spot to take a first date. There's something about its chique, rustic decor, welcoming vibe, and intimate yet fun atmosphere that makes it the perfect place to bring a date (whether it's your first date together or your fifteenth, TBH). And their food? Fantastic. Featuring a menu with classic and unique dishes - like foie gras with pistachio and salmon tartare with the added deliciousness of daikon - you'll definitely be bonding over the sheer awesomeness of this spot.


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5. Pullman

3424 Av du Parc

Although Pullman is technically a wine bar (and, TBH, I cannot think of a better setting for a first date), they still serve up some seriously amazing food in an awesome, trendy, vibrant setting. What kind of delicious food, you ask? Well, Pullman's menu includes classic dishes such as venison tartare, mini bison burgers, and gravlax. Pair that with a glass of wine (or three), and you've got yourself the recipe for an awesome first date.


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6. Wilfrid Sur Laurier

222 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Okay, I'm going to just straight up say it: If you can get a seat on Wilfrid Sur Laurier's terrasse, do it. Absolutely do it. The terrasse here is totally gorgeous and the perfect intimate, beautiful setting for a first date. But if you happen to be going to this Plateau spot before their terrasse opens, then don't worry. You can pretty much describe the whole restaurant as being beautiful, intimate, and an awesome spot for a first date. Plus, their delicious food is served up fresh and tasty, no matter what time of the year you pay Wilfrid Sur Laurier a (romantic?) visit.


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7. Luciano

1212 Rue Saint Zotique E

Straight up, if your date appreciates good food in a bright, beautiful, and trendy setting, then they're going to absolutely love Luciano. Of course, if you're going on a first date, it might be a little difficult to gauge what your date loves - but either way, Luciano's simple-yet-amazing fresh pasta menu (featuring five mushroom ravioli, rabbit pappardelle, and veal rigatoni), intimate and welcoming vibe, and gorgeous interior is a sure way to impress that special someone.


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