7 Lucky Tips On How To Get Her To Text You Back

Bulletproof advice.
7 Lucky Tips On How To Get Her To Text You Back

It has come to my attention that although Montreal men are charming, good looking and smart, they lack the confidence to close. I'm not talking business wise, but about WOMEN.

You meet this amazing girl one night, and you're dying to see her again. So how do you get her interested in a date without coming off as desperate or needy? Unfortunately, the only option here is to play the game and win her over. So I've decided to write up 7 lucky tips coming straight from the battlefield. Tested, proven, bullet proof advice for all you guys out there trying to get lucky.

1. Don't text her that same night you meet her at 3-4 am. Even if it's to say "nice meeting you".

2. Since we're in the information age and everything moves fast, the 2-3 day rule is now dead. If you feel that it's right to text her the next day, do it.

3. Your first text should never be "hey what's up" or anything along those lines. You should try to find something you spoke about during the night you met and incorporate it into your first message.

4. Keep your first message short, don't write a bible. 5-6 words TOPS.

5. A good ice breaker believe it or not is adding her on snapchat, she will directly/indirectly have to get incorporated in your life. Maybe a quick non-douchie snap of an activity that you like, or the fact that you’re going on a business trip or an inside joke from when you met. Make it personal to her.

6. Do not start adding her on every social media platform Keep it casual, play it cool.

7. Girls get a million texts a day, a good first message could always be a picture, a “meme” of something you spoke about when you met… That will differentiate you. More often than not, she will "lol" at the picture, text back out of curiosity and ask "who is this" ... and then you're in.

BONUS TIP: PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL HER! Texting sucks anyway... Grow some balls and call her.

Got any other techniques up your sleeve? Have they worked? Send me your tips at: rebecca@mtlblog.com

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