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7 Montreal Breakfast Spots That Serve The Most Insane "Avocado Toast" You Have To Try ASAP

There are some pretty amazing breakfast trends out there, from bagel sandwiches to smoothie bowls there's something that everyone can enjoy. I'm sure most of you will agree with me when I say breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I'm always looking for the newest, best breakfast food out there to try.

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret, the newest, most amazing breakfast trend is so simple you might never have guessed it. It's toast! There are some amazing breakfast spots that are taking toast to a whole new level with their insane toast creations. These look so beautiful you might not even want to eat them. But make sure you snap an Instagram first and then feel free to devour them!

1. Buck15 Espresso Bar

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Buck 15 is an unreal cafe located in Montreal's very own St. Henri. You won't believe the kinds of ridiculous toast creations they have here. Their most popular is the avocado toast topped with a perfectly poached egg!

Some of their other delicious toast creations include ricotta toast beautifully topped with tons of fruits such as apples, strawberries, grapes, and blueberries. They also created a wonderfully fall toast with cinnamon poached apples, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, pecans and maple ricotta! If you're looking to kick off your obsession with this new breakfast trend, Buck15 is definitely the spot to go.

2. Le Butterblume

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5836 Boul St-Laurent

This Montreal brunch spot/cafe/adorable flower shop is one you should definitely add to your list. Some of their amazing toast creations include a toast with zucchini spread, poached egg, ricotta and duck jerky, another includes cream cheese, dried beef, beetroot and ponzu! Enjoy a delicious coffee, one of their amazing toasts and you can pick out a perfect bouquet of flowers on your way out!

3. Dispatch Coffee

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267 Rue Saint Zotique O

Dispatch coffee is the coolest experimental cafe right here in Montreal. They started out as a cold brew delivery service and now have evolved into an actual coffee brewery as well as a cafe location! Their toasts are also out of this world amazing. They are made on the very well loved Hof Kelsten's bread, and you've got to get down here and try them right now. Some of their best creations include anything from egg salad with homemade mayo, pickled celery to fresh jams with goat cheese!

4. Cardinal Tea Room

#gettingold ? Quand la coutellerie et la vaisselle t'inspirent ? ou café cardamome et se prendre pour des Britishs à l'heure du thé ???? . . . . . . . #avocado#toast#tea#coffee#mtlcoffeecrawl#blogger#foodie#fancy#teatime#cuteness#littlespoon

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5326 Boul St-Laurent

Cardinal Tea Room is a the cutest place to go in Montreal to enjoy a high tea event with your closest friends and light meal. Of course they also have some unreal toasts such as their delicious mashed avocado toast or their egg salad and watercress toast! Enjoy sipping your tea out of the cutest china cups while you snack on some delicious toasts.

5. Cafe Melbourne

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4615 Boul St-Laurent

This cafe located right here in Montreal will make you feel like you've been transported straight to Australia. They have some amazing traditional Australian foods such as their ridiculously good jaffles, which is basically a sealed sandwich stuffed to the brim with goodness.

Their toast creations are no different, they feature a vegemite toast, which if you haven't heard of this classic Australian food item, is made from leftover brewer's yeast and is loved by many. If you're not feeling like going that adventurous with your toast, you can try their nutella, banana and honey toast instead!

6. Cafe Sfouf

Chèvre, pistaches, miel #breakfast

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1250 Rue Ontario E

Cafe Sfouf is a unique cafe that offers some very special menu items that you won't be able to find anywhere else in Montreal. If you aren't so much a coffee person you must try their Golden Milk, which is warm milk with tumeric, black pepper and honey drizzled on top.

They also feature amazing toast creations, or instead of toast it is called a tartine, the French term for open faced sandwich or bread topped with delicious toppings! They offer a savoury tartine, with goat cheese, pistachios and honey, or a sweet tartine, with homemade nutella! They also have so many other options where you can mix and match. Enjoy your new toast obsession at this amazing cafe!

7. Venice MTL

La toast à l'avocat du Venice est ??

A photo posted by Tellement Swell par Eve Martel (@tellementswell) on

440 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

This amazing health food restaurant is located right here in Montreal. If you look through their Instagram you might be surprised that I called it a health food restaurant because the food looks so amazing and delicious, not like healthy food that you're used to. They have some amazing healthy dishes such as tacos, poke bowls, gourmet salads, healthy juices and toast! They make a delicious avocado toast topped with a perfectly poached egg. Enjoy your healthy toast in style!

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