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7 Montreal Brunch Spots You Think Are Good But Are Actually AMAZING!

The true most important dish of the day.

Guys, Montreal does a lot of things right... but one of the things we do so, so perfectly? Brunch, guys. I firmly believe that nobody can touch our brunch game.

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Of course, there are tons and tons of awesome places to grab some brunch. But a select few really, truly stand out from the bunch.

1. Mesón

A photo posted by Genuine (@ggenuine) on

345 Rue Villeray

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This Villeray spot is known for its tasty Spanish dishes and its awesome service - but the brunch here pretty much takes the cake. Order the pancakes, and prepare to be amazed.


2. Régine Café

A photo posted by CARO (@carolinevaliquette) on

1840 Rue Beaubien E

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The OG awesome brunch spot in Montreal, there's absolutely nothing that this Rosemont spot doesn't slay. (Pro tip: the french toast here is out. Of. This. World.)


3. Santa Barbara

A photo posted by On Déjeune (@ondejeune) on

6696 Rue de Saint Vallier

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Not only does this spot boast a super cool vibe and a chill ambiance (and a Wine Wednesday special!), but their menu also happens to be top notch. Three words: breakfast banh mi.


4. Zagrum

A photo posted by S a r a h ♛ (@maamarixo) on

1825 Rue Fleury E

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Honestly, this Ahuntsic spot is more than worth the trip for those of you who aren't close to go on the daily. Their ingredients are top notch, and come together to make some awesome dishes.


5. Arthurs Nosh Bar

A photo posted by Olivia Romano (@oliviamaeromano) on

4621 Rue Notre-Dame O

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The love I have for Arthurs Nosh Bar knows no bounds. They have a super cool and modern ambiance, and their food is amazing - especially their latkes, which are legit life.


6. Lawrence

A photo posted by meghan (@meghan_h5) on

5201 Boul St-Laurent

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TBH, what on this earth could be better than an English-inspired brunch? Nothing, friends; plus, the quality of the food at Lawrence? Actually amazing.


7. Sparrow

A photo posted by H A N A (@hanaer) on

5322 Boul St-Laurent

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Honestly, there is nothing that Sparrow cannot slay in the brunch realm. They offer unique and tasty dishes... trust, their Turkish Breakfast Plate are is on a level of its own.


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