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7 Montreal Restaurants You 514% Need To Check Out This March 2017

Alright, guys, a new month, a new bunch of restaurants to check out in Montreal. 

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Although the city has literally tons and tons of amazing restaurants, and some might even be your alltime favourites, it's never a bad thing to discover new spots.

And if you're having trouble discovering, then don't worry. I got your back.

Chez Boris

via @iamameloche

5151 Park Ave

Anyone who's been an active part of Montreal's food scene knows that this Mile End donut shop isn't new. But this month, do yourselves a favour and check it out.


Sadly, Chez Boris will be closing up shop at the end of April. So go, enjoy, and appreciate it while you still can. Those Beignewiches will have a place in Montreal's heart forever.

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