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7 Montreal Restaurants You Always Say You’ll Go To But Never Do

It's time you finally eat at these places.
7 Montreal Restaurants You Always Say You’ll Go To But Never Do

Photo cred - Taverne Gaspar

If I think there was gonna be one question said most by Montrealers it would be “Where do you want to eat?” This city is unique because there is always some good noms around. Even more than that, there are TOO MANY good places to eat. We all have those places we constantly say that we are going to go to, but never get around to.

1. Big In Japan

I don’t know about you, but I love me some Japanese cuisine. However whenever me and my pals contemplate where to get our grub on, sushi wins every time, and our old pal ramen gets put on the back burner. Big In Japan is a Saint Laurent gem that is always fun, delicious and busy, so someone is going, just not you! I urge, that next time you have a hankering for some California roll goodness, to push it aside and head on over to Big In Japan. I promise you will not regret it

3723 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

2. The Main

I mean, when it comes to smoked meat in Montreal, you’re gonna think Schwartz. We’ve all been there, we all love it, and that’s that. However, you always hear those rumors that The Main is better, but have you ever actually tested that theory? I am going to keep my opinion silent on the matter to avoid mobbing. However you should get your butt into gear and actually go, to test the speculation for yourself!

3864 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

3. O Noir

I think that when people hear there is a restaurant with a cool concept around it they immediately say they want to go. The restaurant that has been subject to the most hype is O Noir. If you haven’t heard of it, then let me explain. It is a restaurant, where you sit and eat in complete and total darkness, as you are served by an entirely blind wait staff. The whole experience is socially conscious experiment, helping its guests to open their eyes to the world of the blind, and heighten their senses to delicious food. Even though this place sounds hella cool, I have yet to meet someone who has actually been there. I mean, it does cost a pretty penny, however I would think the experience is worth it.

1631 Ste Catherine W. / Guy

4. La Belle Province

Now when I say this, I am assuming you have been inside La Belle Province, I’m just saying you’ve probably never eaten there. I know you’ve stumbled in, drunk off your ass and either puked in the bathroom, or passed out at the table. Because this is such a popular drunk food spot, people always end up there. However, very rarely have I ever seen anyone actually ordering or eating anything. Despite this fact, La Belle Province is a prize to Montreal, so since you live here I suggest you actually try to buy something, at least once.

3001 Rue Notre-Dame O, 1216 Rue Peel, 705 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

5. Coco Bun

I would say this is especially a dilemma for Concordia students, because there is a Coco Bun right in the Guy/Concordia Metro. We’ve all walked passed it. We’ve all ogled at the divine spread they have in the window. I think the problem is that the food just looks too good. I know for me, that I always pass on Coco Bun because I want to save it for a special occasion. Well I’ll tell you one thing, it has been two years and this “special occasion” has yet to happen.

Place Alexis Nihon, 1500 Avenue Atwater, 977 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

6. La Distillerie

This is the place everyone says they are going to go to, but always bails on last minute. La Distillerie is mad popular, and if you have ever been there then you know the line up that accumulates on the weekends. If you’ve ever braved it out, you’ll know the line moves fairly quickly, and even if it doesn’t, then the drinks and the atmosphere are always worth it. So with this knowledge now bestowed upon you, I bid you to go!

300 Rue Ontario E

Photo cred - Taverne Gaspar

7. Taverne Gaspar

Taverne Gaspar is one of those places that has great word of mouth but sub – par Yelp reviews. And believe it or not that has an effect. When people want to go out and get a fancy dinner in Old Port, they are rarely going to go for a place with a “meh” review. You wanna go somewhere that is sure to be magnificent! I have never been, so I can’t give an opinion, however I will say the select few people I know who have been, give RAVING reviews. Take that as you will.

89 Rue de la Commune E, Montréal

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