7 Montreal Salons You Can Actually Afford To Get Your Hair Cut, Colored And Styled

Friends, my hair is my life. I'm constantly taking care of it, styling it, and yes - even dyeing it. 

I feel like it's just super fun to be able to switch things up with something as small as changing the color of your hair. I mean, do you really want to have the same hair color your whole life? 

Hair is a feature not many take advantage of to the fullest. We see so many different shades and palettes of makeup, why not make your hair life more interesting?

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The color of your hair can totally change the way you look, 100%. And if you don't trust the right salon to make you look cool, cute, and trendy? Well, you'll probably be less than thrilled. 

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Thankfully, Montreal (and area!) has tons of salons that are reputable, use high-quality products, and are trained by the best people in the industry - meaning you'll be able to get gorgeous hair, always. 

Salon Oblic Villeray

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7661 St Denis S

Story time: the very first time I ever coloured my hair, I went for a beautiful, bold Rihanna red... and I went to one of the only salons I knew I could 110% trust with such a bold decision: Oblic.

I don't even have to tell you guys how gorgeous it came out. In one shot, my hair went from my natural dark brown to this glorious, super rich red.

At the end of the day, I'm super glad I went with a salon like Oblic: not only was it affordable and gorgeous, but everything - from the highly trained colour technicians to the type of hair colour they used - came together to make sure I left super thrilled with my results. And the salon owners? They were the sweetest. Tommy and Chloe are the best and they've participated in lots of competitions including Contessa. Plus, all stylists in the industry can easily agree on one thing: Matrix reds are the best, so you know you can trust any Matrix salon with red especially.


Cleo Coiffure

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1668 Laurier Ave E

If you're looking for a trendy and fun salon that'll pretty much guarantee you a beautiful head of hair, look no further than this Plateau coiffure.

Not only is it super affordable for a cut, color, and style, but this salon uses super high-quality products, trained colorists with over 30 years of experience with Matrix, and even Matrix Educators to make sure your hair is healthy and beautiful, no matter what transformation you're down for. (Yes, including unicorn hair. Do you, you beautiful majestic beast).


Coiffure Mode

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9244 Boulevard Lacordaire

Come to this Montreal spot for beautiful balayages, om-pressive ombres, and pretty much the trendiest styles you can get in the city.

Not only is this St. Leonard salon guaranteed to leave you looking stylish AF (and for super inexpensive!), but your hair is pretty much in some of the best hands in the city.

This salon uses only high-quality products and employs highly skilled and educated stylists and colourists. So no worries, you can trust this spot to keep you totally on trend.


Scrupule Coiffure

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1290 Rue Fleury E

Situated in Les Promenades Fleury in Montreal's Ahuntsic (represent), Scrupule is known for being an elegant and straight-up beautiful salon.

Which makes total sense, because you'll leave this spot feeling elegant and straight-up beautiful, too. This salon is pretty much good at everything and anything to do with hair, including styling (looking at you, super complex updos), cutting and, of course, coloring.

Best part? A trip here won't even hurt your wallet. So go ahead. Transform into the trendy, gorgeous star you were always meant to be.


Style En Tête

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2850 Boulevard des Promenades, Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac

Sure, this one might be a very slight trip out of Montreal. But trust: the quality of service you get here, mixed with the super fair price, is way more than worth the drive.

Style En Tete, in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, uses super top quality products to make sure you leave with a cool, trendy colour, cut and set.

The owner Marie-Josée started off as a single mom working from her basement and now she has huge salon/spa catering to thousands of clients.

Maybe a visit here will lead you towards a total, trendy hair transformation. Maybe you're just down to keep up with what you've got now. Either way, a visit here is well worth your while!


Salon NZO

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8265 Chemin Saint-Roch, Sorel-Tracy

There is nothing on this earth better than a salon you can trust with your life (AKA, your hair). And this Sorel salon is one spot you can bank on delivering you fleek results 100% of the time.

Whatever you want them to do (galaxy hair? pixie cut? lob? color melt? fish tail braid?), they've got your back.

Their stylists and colorists are super skilled and educated; the products they use are super high-quality and more natural than others; and their prices are so, so fair. That's what I'd call a win on all counts, friends.

To top it off? Co-owner Alex Chabot is on the GLOBAL Matrix Education team teaching hairdressers around the world all the latest trends and techniques.


Salon Caroline Robitaille

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469 Bd Lacombe, Repentigny

Literally, what is there to even say anymore about this dynamic and awesome stylist? At this stage in the hair game, you for sure know about Caroline Robitaille.

And if you don't, let me loop you in: Caroline is one of the best colorists in all of Canada. The quality of her work speaks for itself, but just in case you need something a little extra, she was even a Contessa Master Colorist finalist, which is a HUGE deal in the world of hairstyling!

Using Matrix's line of professional products, Caroline is pretty much an unstoppable force in the hair coloring industry, and definitely someone you can trust to color your hair. And, of course, a visit to her at the Institut Station Beaute Salon where she works won't even put you out tons of money!

In fact, every single salon here has one thing in common: they all use the Matrix line to color, color melt, ombre, balayage, and beautify your hair!

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This line of hair dye is exclusive to professional stylists... and considering that the colorists and stylists at many Matrix salons are Matrix trained (which is the best in the industry, FYI), you know you'll be making the right decision to trust a Matrix salon with your hair.

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