7 Montreal Shops Where You Can Get Cheap Denim Jackets

Guys, it's 2017, and do you know what's super trendy now? Velvet. Chokers. Platform shoes. Denim. AKA, everything that was cool when we, as 90s kids, were growing up... proving once again that you can take us out of the 90s, but you can't take the 90s out of us.  

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And while nothing screams 90s more than chokers and velvetine, one distinct trend seems to be the king of them all: the denim jacket. Jean jackets, denim shirts, and the denim on denim trend have hit 2017 super hard. TBH, I'm not complaining... and if you want to know where you can cop a brand new jean jacket, I've got your back!

Denim Kings

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8575 St Laurent Blvd

This Ahuntsic shop specializes in on thing: denim. They've got beautiful denim pieces for super cheap, so if you're looking for your next fave denim jacket, you know where to go!


Empire Exchange

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51 Rue Bernard O

This thrift shop is legit awesome, friends. They've got a super modern and trendy storefront, and super high-quality secondhand clothes for cheap. If you're hunting for an awesome denim jacket, you absolutely need to check this place out.


Citizen Vintage

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5330 St Laurent Blvd

This Mile End vintage clothing shop is top notch. No matter what article of clothing or accessory you want, they've quite possibly got it. You might have to take a little while to look for it, but trust, it's well worth the search!


Boutique Unicorn

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5135 St Laurent Blvd

A super unique shop showcasing mainly local fashion brands, this spot is the perfect mix of styles, clothes, and brands, and is probably the perfect place for you to cop that new jean jacket!


Jeans Jeans Jeans

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5575 Casgrain Ave

This shop specializes in... well, jeans, jeans, jeans. Brand name denim is sold for super fair prices at this spot, so you're sure to find that brand new jean jacket you've been searching for here!


Eva B

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2015 St Laurent Blvd

Ah, Eva-B. Probably one of the most popular thrift shops in Montreal, this spot offers vintage and secondhand clothes at super cheap prices. You'll need to dig around a bit, but you'll always find what you're looking for here!