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7 Montreal Spots You Need To Bring A Date To For $1 Taco Night

Let's taco'bout how awesome these places are.
7 Montreal Spots You Need To Bring A Date To For $1 Taco Night

Mexican food is probably one of my favourite types of food in the whole world. Who doesn't love some creamy guacamole, a nice juicy burrito or a flavourful, delicious taco every once in a while? I'm gonna go ahead and say that everyone does.

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In Montreal, there's some out of this world Mexican restaurants that serve up some amazingly authentic eats. Luckily for you, many of these restaurants offer special nights where they have tacos for only $1!! Just think about that for a second. You can get 5 whole tacos for only $5! Or you can get 10 whole tacos for only $10!

You can really go crazy with the amount of tacos you choose to eat because they're just so cheap. And trust me, these places do not sacrifice the quality of their tacos just because they're cheap. So if you and your date are Mexican food lovers, you've got to get your butts over to these places ASAP!

1. Super Taco

When its $1 taco night.... #mtlfood #mtlresto #dollartacos #tacos ??????? Food: 3/5, Price: $, Go back: yes - on $1 night only

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500A Rue Bélanger

Super Taco is one of the best taco spots in Montreal. They have their $1 taco nights on Wednesdays so feel free to order as many tacos as your heart desires! If you and your date want to save that moolah, bring them to this spot and get some delicious tacos for less!

2. Don Taco

Taco night. #tacoemoji #foodporn #montreal

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1855 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Don Taco is seriously the best taco joint in Montreal. They offer their special $1 taco nights on Tuesdays for Taco Tuesdays. Their food is top notch Mexican with super fresh ingredients and amazing, classic recipes. Their tacos are usually cheap but if you're looking for the cheapest tacos in town you should definitely come on this night.

3. Azteca

1$ tacos. #tacos #mtl #cheap #food

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7349 Rue St-Hubert

How amazing do these tacos look? The tacos at Azteca are seriously delicious and on Tuesday and Wednesday nights they're only $1! This is definitely the most authentic taco joint Montreal has to offer.

4. 3 Amigos

My first taco ever! ?

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1657 Rue Sainte-Catherine

3 Amigos is one of the first thoughts you'll have when you think of Mexican food in Montreal. With several locations all across the city and festive, Mexican decor these are some of the most fun restaurants you'll find. They offer crazy deals for only $.89 tacos on Sundays and Mondays! Definitely the cheapest and tastiest tacos you'll find in Montreal.

5. Cartel Street Food Bar

I don't know how to eat food without taking a picture of it first ?

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101 Avenue Fairmount O

Okay so this place offer $2 taco nights, not $1 but it's still an amazing deal and the tacos are amazing quality and insanely delicious! This deal is offered after 5 pm on Tuesday nights. They offer a cool hangout vibe with amazing cocktails and other street-style eats as well.

6. Le Ice and Tacos

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12275 Boul. Rolland

This new taco spot is both authentic and delicious! They offer their special $1 taco deal all day on Monday and Tuesdays. They also offer some homemade popsicles for those sweltering summer days, for a chill dessert after your amazing tacos!

7. Carlos & Pepe's

Crushing Mexican and tequila cravings

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1420 Rue Peel

If you're looking to sacrifice authenticity for cheapness, this is the spot for you. Carlos & Pepe's is a Mexican-style pub that specializes in their giant drinks and happy hour specials. Their food is not authentic Mexican but don't get me wrong it's still delicious. On Sunday nights they have $1 taco night which is basically everything you're looking for for your date night. Get tipsy in a couple margaritas and as many tacos as you can devour in one sitting.

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