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7 Montreal STM Bus Lines Where You Can Catch The Most Rare Pokémon

You've done enough walking this week.
7 Montreal STM Bus Lines Where You Can Catch The Most Rare Pokémon

Pokémon Go might be awesome, but it does require a lot of walking.

Sometimes it make you wish you could just sit back and be driven around to find Pokémon.

And i'm not the only one who thinks this way. someone even create an Uber type service to drive people around looking for Pokémon.

Riding the metro might help but who the hell wants to walk in and out of every metro station in the city.

The obvious solution is to take the bus and just ride along picking up as many Pokémon as you can at every stop.


So basically we were looking for 3 things:

The longest bus routes, because they provide better odds of catching more Pokémon.

The Bus routes that pass he most often, so in case you have to get off the bus, you can wait 5-10 mins and hop on the next one to continue your quest.

Finally we prioritized the bus routes that ride though the most heavily Pokémon populated areas.

144 Avenue des Pins East / West

24 Sherbrooke East / West

211 Bord-du-Lac East / West

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165 Côte-des-Neiges North / South

55 Boulevard Saint-Laurent North / South

32 Lacordaire North / South

45 Papineau North / South

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