7 Montreal Things You All Miss (And Don't Miss) About Being A Kid In The City

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Was there ever a time when things were different from the way they are now? Did Montreal even exist before the STM implemented OPUS cards, P.K. Subban became everyone's favourite defenseman, and you wake up everyday feeling preemptively exhausted by work or school or both? I have no idea - probably not.

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Snow days that felt like a miracle

MISS: Waking up, looking outside, and trying to make a deal with the weather gods where you promise to floss every night from now on if only today was declared a snow day. Then when your wish comes true, you pull on your snowpants over your pyjamas and run outside to build tunnels and forts all day

DON'T MISS: The smell of wet jackets and boots after you forget to dry them

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Those retro public transport transfers that anyone can print out

MISS: Pressing a button on clunky metro machines to physically print out a bus transfer, and then going nuts and printing out ten of them because you can.

DON'T MISS: Playing with your bus transfer while you're waiting for the bus, and then losing it.

Those old STM buses

MISS: Those days when fares were not $2.50+ for a ticket, and also Giggling to yourself when you see a bus, because the bused have STCUM printed on the sides.

DON'T MISS: Being terrified while taking public transit to anywhere new, because it's not as if you have a cellphone you can use to look up directions later. In fact, physically printing out Google Map directions at all. Good riddance.

Telephone numbers that don't require area codes.

MISS: Not dialing 514 or 438 before calling your best friend, whose number you know by heart. You're doing this on your house's landline, of course, because only rich kids have cellphones. And you're definitely not texting them, because these were the days when you had to press the 9 button four times to type "Z".

DON'T MISS: Only having one phone in the house, which you have to get off if someone wants to also place a call

(or god forbid, dial-up).

Being excited about the penguins in the Biodome


Fête des neiges in Parc Dean-Drapeau? (although who are we kidding, the penguins are still pretty amazing).

DON'T MISS: Being jealous of the adults, who can stay as long as they want and get into the events with alcohol marked "Age:18+"

Learning a new language easily

MISS: Being able to pick up French or English super fast as a kid, just because you started going to a French or English school.

DON'T MISS: Whatever weird children's brain mechanism that makes you immediately forget a new language as soon as you switch schools.

Having mandatory breaks in your day when you go out for recess

MISS: Waiting for the bell, running outside, and either playing soccer in the snow or working on the same snow fort for the entire winter

DON'T MISS: Being forced to go outside even if it's -20°C. Also, if your parents had been anything like mine, being forced to wear goofy hand-me-down snowsuits to avoid frostbite.

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