7 Natural Ways You Can Avoid Allergy Symptoms This Spring

Because red eyes look good on no one.
7 Natural Ways You Can Avoid Allergy Symptoms This Spring

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Having allergies suck.  The itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing like you’re paid to do it!  Are you hesitant to pump your body full of over the counter allergy pills that contain chemicals you can’t even pronounce?  Here are seven (easy to read!) ways to kick your allergies au natural. 

1. Get Sleep!

Your body’s immune system will be working overtime to fight the tons of sinister allergens floating around so make sure you don't snub yourself from getting a full nights rest.

2. Irrigate Your Sinuses.

Fill a Neti Pot with sterile, lukewarm water and pure sea salt and irrigate your sinuses one to four times a day. A convenient and portable alternative is using a saline based nasal spray such as hydraSense.

3. Brew Chamomile Tea

Let two tea bags cool and place one on each eye to sooth itchiness, redness, and puffiness. Chamomile contains natural chemicals known to reduce inflammation.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water and other fluids such as juice and tea flushes toxins and thins out mucus that causes those pesky sinus headaches. Chug one full glass of water in the morning to get a head start!

5. Make Omega 3-s your BFF

These fishy friends are known to reduce allergy symptoms because of their anti-inflammatory properties. (They also give you shinier hair, stronger nails, and softer skin, so how could you possibly go wrong?!)

6. Take an Oatmeal Bath

To sooth hives and itchy skin place a cup of oatmeal inside an old stocking, tie a knot, and place inside your bath. Make sure the water runs on the cooler side, as hot water is notorious for increasing itchiness.

7. Use A Natural Allergy Relief

Try A. Vogel Pollinosan tablets which recommend starting even if there is still snow on the ground, so you build immunity against common allergens before they surface.