7 Parties Every Single Montrealer Has Been At Least Once

Party like a rockstar (or a drunken hobo).
7 Parties Every Single Montrealer Has Been At Least Once

Montrealers all have the super power of transformation. By day we are smart, interesting individuals but past sundown (after a few drinks) we turn into creatures of the night with an amazing sense of humour and death defying dance moves. There's definitely a specific lineup of parties/nights-out that every fuelled Montreal dweller has been to.

1. Crescent $hit Show

At 16 years old, Crescent was the place to be, and XO lounge had no cover so of course it was #1. but now Crescent is the place you go as a last resort where no fvcks are given. You can get as drunk as you want going from bar to bar to dance to different kinds of music all night.

2. Cheap Karaoke Night (Pj's Pub or St-Sulpice)

Not only are you super awesome when you're wasted but you also become an amazing singer. Cheap drinks plus a mic and an audience equals showtime. We've all been to PJ's pub Karaoke night, their drinks are mad cheap so there's more than enough talent to go through all the Lauren Hill song list. Only the real rebels sing Rage Against the Machine.

Photo cred - JosyAnVasco

3. Hotel Party With Strangers

So your friend tells you there's a hotel party happening AND everyone you know is going to be there AND they're renting out the whole floor AND the bath tubs are going to be filled with liquor AND it's going to be amazing. Sure. So, you get there all pumped, it's just one room with people you've never met just chilling and since you brought a nice quart you just decide to drink up and make a bunch of new friends.

4. Free Drinks Before Midnight

Some clubs have ladies nights where you can drink on cover charge until midnight. Theoretically, this is a sick deal but in practice, it doesn't usually work out. When you get there, it's like a race to drink all you can before you have to start paying for your alcohol, but by 12:30 am hits you start to regret it.

5. West Island House Party

Usually these parties are best when you're not friends with the home owner so you don't have to worry about others messing with their stuff. These parties involve copious amounts of beer and drinking games. Beware of cops of course but usually if you're well behaved when they get there you won't have any problems.

6. Punk Shows On St-Laurent

Whether you're a die hard fan or just accompanying a friend, punk shows are the best for getting drunk and dancing violently. Stash your beer in a near by ally and go back for them at intermission. Make new friends in the mosh pits and get super sweaty from rocking out.

7. NDG Apartment Chilling

These small parties usually include Pabst, video games, and someone smoking a cigar. For some reason when friends move out of their parents' houses they don't have much furniture. Even if you planned to take the night bus or last metro you'll probably end up crashing on the floor.

But always remember, when the cops come... You truly are a good person, just trying to have a good time.

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