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7 Popular Items You Should Never Order At Tim Hortons Canada

You thought a 12 grain bagel was healthy? Think again.
7 Popular Items You Should Never Order At Tim Hortons Canada

Despite all the criticism that is thrown Tim Horton's way, I have to give this to them: They offer a vast range of options for their customers.

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Timbits, donuts, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and cold and hot drinks, etc., you can eat there at any time of day. However, there are some items that are considered much "safer" to order than others.

That said, I picked apart Tim Hortons official nutrition guide and selected the items that stood out as the most calorie dense and overall most "unhealthy" option in each respective category.

So - unless you want to break your daily allowance for calories, salt, and sugar, avoid ordering these items at all costs.

1. Chocolate Glazed Timbits

Calories: 70 per Timbit

Not only are Timbits just cake disguised as cute bite-sized balls packed with calories and sugar, but they have also come to our attention that a controversial weed-killing chemical has been found in glazed chocolate Tim Bits.

In small quantities, the herbicide Glyphosate is harmless, but in large quantities, it has been known to cause cancer in the human body. Yikes.

2. Sausage BELT

Calories: 490

This monstrosity of abreakfast sandwich just looks like you're in for an afternoon of running to the office bathroom clenching your stomach.

This is a "Sorry, Dianne cancel my 11 a.m. meeting" kind of breakfast. It contains a quarter of your calorie intake for the day, and the salt content is terrifying. A whopping 1130 mg is in a single one of these bad boys, that's almost your ENTIRE daily salt allowance wasted on one little sandwich. Sure, it tastes good. But is it worth it?

3. Mocha Ice Capp

Calories: 290

In North America, boosting your morning caffeine hit with outrageous amounts of refined sugar, whether it's in syrup or caramel, has become standard practice. We are all functional addicts.

Ultimately, a Tim Hortons Mocha Iced Cappucino is so far from what an actual cappuccino looks like, I don't even think they should be able to get away with calling it a "cappuccino." Not to mention that at 38 grams of sugar per serving, this icy calorie bomb will take you well over your standard 25 g daily sugar allowance.

4. Blueberry Fritter

Calories: 310

I know what you're thinking, blueberries are supposed to be healthy – right? Think again. I don't think a real fruit has ever touched a Tim Horton's fritter.

That said, in the pastry category, the blueberry fritter comes dead last. It's the most calorie dense and has the highest sugar content as well. If you're looking to make a healthy choice, avoid this pastry at all costs.

5. Chocolate Chip Muffin

Calories: 410

@cesportoembedded via

Although this one is not a huge surprise – everyone knows that muffins are just cake disguised as a healthy transportable breakfasts item – it is sad to see the facts written out in black and white because chocolate chips muffins are so fricken delicious.

But they start looking a lot less delicious when you realize just 1 muffin has as many calories as a small meal. To make matters worse, the sugar content is outrageous: One muffin packs three times your daily sugar allowance - sad.

6. Chocolate Toasted Coconut Donut

Calories: 310

Let's just start by saying that when it comes to donuts NONE of them are considered healthy. Simply put, if you're looking to avoid high calorie and sugar items, don't order a donut.

The worst donut by far, though, is this coconut covered chocolate one. Compared to an old fashion plain donut at 210 calories, this mega glazed monster donut packs a mind-boggling 310 calories. Let's just say, this is a "treat yourself" kind of donut.

7. 12 Grain Bagel

Calories: 350

@wtf_carly_lolembedded via

Brace yourselves for this info I'm about to drop. Out of all the bagels at Tim Hortons, the most calorie-rich one is the 12-grain.

This goes against all common sense and intuition! 12-grain is supposed to be healthy, right? Well, to be honest, none of the bagel at Tim Hortons strike me as healthy as they are all hovering around 300 calories per bagel. When you add a generous amount of cream cheese on top of that, you may as well be eating a BELT and downing a bottle of Pepto Bismol bracing yourself for the after effects.

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