7 Quebec Driving Laws That Don't Exist In The Rest Of Canada

Are you unknowingly violating these?
7 Quebec Driving Laws That Don't Exist In The Rest Of Canada

Quebec drivers are notorious for their questionable road behaviour. That's why strict rules and hefty fines exist in this province to deter people from behaving mindlessly on the roads.

TL;DR Below are seven strict driving laws that are highly enforced in Quebec and that you should be aware of before travelling by car around the province.

That said, when travelling from province to province, we can easily forget that certain things may be totally legal in one province — or loosely enforced — while forbidden in others.

If you're coming to Quebec for a visit this winter, don't forget to keep in mind these laws that, when violated, can get you pulled over in a heartbeat.

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1. Driving on private property to avoid red light (or anything else)

I live near a gas station that's also right next to a massive intersection, and I often see people cutting through the gas station to avoid congestion at the intersection. This is 100% illegal and can incur a fine of $100 to $200. Not really worth it.

2. NEVER drive in the left lane

Of course, other provinces have this law too, but it's enforced to the highest degree in Quebec. The Highway Safety Code says you can't drive in the left lane unless you are passing or turning left. Whereas in B.C., for example, the law doesn't require drivers to get out of the left-most lane if there's nobody behind you. In other words, you can drive in it no problem. This is most definitely not the case in Quebec.

3. No right on red (Montreal only)

This used to be a Quebec-wide law, now it's been reduced to Montreal only. I'm convinced that this law has single-handedly prevented so many accidents from going down at the chaotic intersections of Montreal.

4. Hazard lights are important to use

If for whatever reason you need to slow down your driving to below the speed limit, you are required to put on your flicking hazard lights. Failure to do so can incur a fine of $100 to $200.

5. Kids can never be left alone in a car

Need to run into the store for literally three seconds to pick up some milk, sorry can't leave your kids alone in the car. In Quebec, it's illegal to leave children under 7 years old in a car unattended.

6. Motorcycles must drive in a very specific formation

If you're driving on a two-wheeled vehicle you cannot share a lane and drive directly next to your buddy, you must only drive in a zig-zag formation. The same goes for cyclists who want to ride on the highway. They must be in a single file at all times.

7. Holding your phone in your hand

If you don't have one of those dashboard holsters, it's suggested that you purchase one because simply holding your phone in your hand — even if you're not texting — is considered illegal in Quebec. If a cop catches you, even stopped at a red light, they have the right to pull you over.

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